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Cary CompanyThe Cary Company
Packaging & Filtration Division

Containers, Filters, Equipment and much more!

About Us

The Cary Company, founded in 1895 by George B. Cary, began operations in Chicago as an exporter of linseed cake and meal. The company continued successfully through two decades when World War I necessitated switching to a domestic type of business. Thereupon, the enterprise became manufacturer's agents to distribute raw materials to the paint industry, at which time George Cary's son, Robert, entered the business.

The five decades that followed manifested steady progress in a healthy growth of The Cary Company and were marked at intervals by acquisition of additional, carefully chosen product lines. This period saw the entry into the business of grandson, William A. Cary in 1946. William G. Cary, a great grandson, joined the company in 1970 and is now President. He represents the fourth generation of Carys.

The Packaging and Filtration Division of The Cary Company was developed to compliment the company's growing product line. Over the years The Cary Company has been able to provide a full range of packaging and equipment products including plastic containers, metal containers, glass jars and industrial filtration products. We now also offer a full line of spill control and clean-up products, along with a complete offering of facility and shipping supplies. We want to be your one stop shop!

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If you are having trouble locating a container on our website call us @ 630-376-2400 or email your inquiries to and we will be happy to assist you!

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Contact Info
The Cary Company
PO Box 403
1195 W. Fullerton Ave
Addison, IL 60101

"Go Green" with
Rain Barrels

Gray Rain Barrel
55 gallon Rain Barrels

$75.00 ea

Made from Food Grade Reconditioned Drums

Special Offers


For Liquid Absorbent & Spill Containment

Absorbable Liquids Include: Oils, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Paint, Acids, Greases, Solvents, Kerosene, Bodily Fluids, Cleaners, Dyes, Inks, And Much More!

Also Available:
- Raw Materials for the Paint, Coatings & Plastic Industries.
- Paint Can Labeling
- Clearance Items

Most Popular Items:
- Plastic Pails & Lids
- Plastic Drums
- Plastic Bottles & Jugs
Plastic Jars
- Plastic Closures
- Paint Cans
- Screw Top Cap Cans
- Pail & Drum Liners
- Steel Pails
- Steel Drums
- Fiber Drums
- Drum & Pail Capseals
- Drum & Pail Pumps
- Clearance Items


Plastic Containers:
Plastic Pails - Plastic Lids - Rigid Plastic Pail Liners - UN Rated Plastic Pails - Straight Sided Pails - Plastic Square Pails - EZ Stor Containers - Plastic Tight Head Containers - Straight-Sided Plastic Drums: Open Head Drums & Closed Head Drums - Plastic Drum Liners - LDPE Cubitainers - Plastic Armlok Paint Can Overseals - Plastic Paint Cans - Plastic Bottles - HDPE Round Jugs - HDPE Natural Cylinders - Plastic F-Style Bottles - HDPE Oblong Bottles - LDPE Boston Round Bottles - HDPE Modern Round Bottles - Plastic Decanters - Plastic Carafe - Plastic Jars (HDPE, Polypropylene, Polystyrene) - Plastic Canisters - PET Clear Jars - PET Round Jars - PET Square Jars - PETG Premier Oblongs - PETG Premier Paragons - PVC Cylinders - Spice Jars - Plastic Screw Caps & Closures - Child Resistant Caps - Pressure Sensitive Caps - Plastic Pry-Off Containers - Plastic Ink Containers - EZ Strainers 55 gallon Drum Strainer - EZ Strainer 5 gallon Pail Strainer - Capseals - Rieke Flexspouts

Metal Containers:
Steel Pails (Tight Head Steel Pails / Open Head Steel Pails) - Paint Cans - Tin Cans - Paint Cans Clips - Paint Can Closer - Metal Screw Top Cans - Metal Cone Top Cans - Metal F-Style Cans - Metal Oblong Cans - Monotop Utility Cans - Metal Caps - Metal Closures - Capseals - Slip Cover Cans - Ink Tins - Ointment Cans - UN Rated Steel Pails - Steel Drums

Glass Jars & Bottles:
Glass Jars - Glass Economy Jars - Straight Sided Glass Jars - Paragon Glass Jars - French Square Glass Bottles - Boston Round Glass Jars

Tools & Equipment:
Steel Pail Lug Closing Tool - Manual Plastic Pail Closer - Plastic Pail Opener - Lid Remover - Tri-Sure & Rieke Crimping Tools - Screw Cap Tightening Tools - Drums Wrenches - Paint Can Closer - Filter Vessels - Filter Cartridge Housings - Pail & Drum Pumps

Liquid Filter Bags - Dust Collector Bags - Pleated Filter Bags - Filter Cartridges - Dust Collector Cartridges - Leak Detection Powder - Pail & Drum Strainer Baskets

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