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What do bees and a lawyer have in common? Much more than you may think! In 2013, Laura Brodie was a budding second year law student living in Denver, Colorado who was dating Leo Lockhart, a beekeeper living in Las Animas, Colorado. Separated by a three hour drive, the couple made the most of their … Continue reading Sweeten Up to Lockhart Honey Farms


The lingering taste of utter sweetness and the unspoken desire for just one more bite is a cookie phenomenon everyone can relate to. For the happily married Jeff and Heather Flathau, the love for cookies extends past the mere idea of personal enjoyment, they want to share their passion for delish treats with everyone. How … Continue reading Snap Away on Flathau’s Fine Foods


On December 31, 1967, the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys competed for the NFL Championship in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They played in temperatures as low as -25° Celsius (-13º Fahrenheit). The players noticed that the field became so hard their cleats could not dig into the normally soft soil. They slipped and struggled … Continue reading Frozen Ground: What Makes It Freeze?


Manufacturers of industrial, OEM and consumer products continue to seek cost effective material solutions that offer safe handling and product labeling options, plus offer improved quality.  One of the key materials in the mineral filler pigments category offering these solutions are MINEX® functional fillers. MINEX® is a durable white functional filler pigment processed from high … Continue reading MINEX: A Safe Functional Filler Pigment


Winter roofing is not at the top of anyone’s winter recreation list; however, it becomes essential when there is damage to a roof. Almost all types of roofing material utilize adhesive that requires warm temperatures during the installation process.  These adhesives require warm temperatures (heat source) to properly cure and fasten. Without proper fastening, a … Continue reading Winter Roofing and Powerblanket Hot Boxes


Consumer Reports Magazine found that 46% of consumers would pay more for cleaning products if the products were safer for their health and the environment.  Until recently, finding these safer products was not a simple matter. Now the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stepped in and created the Safer Choice Program, which certifies chemicals that … Continue reading CLR & Grease Magnet: An Effective Eco-Friendly Cleaner for Your Facility Needs

allnex - The Coating Resins Company

Closing completed: Allnex and Nuplex are now officially combined New global brand identity unveiled Brussels, Belgium / September 14 2016 – Allnex, a leading international supplier of resins backed by investor Advent International, today announced that Nuplex Industries, a global manufacturer of resins, and Allnex have now been brought together to form one company. The … Continue reading Allnex and Nuplex officially combined