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  It’s not easy being an entrepreneur, much less a health driven business owner who spends countless hours perfecting a product and bringing it to market. Known for her adventurous ways, founder Rachel Prososki is a sports and food enthusiast with a background in food science and research and development. Rachel was driven to form … Continue reading Stay Healthy and Active with Orange Abe Protein Shakes

Do you know what potential hazards could be lurking in that steel drum that you purchased off of sites like Craigslist? What may seem like an innocent purchase of a used steel drum at a great price could potentially put you or your neighborhood at risk. An intensive investigation by Rick Barrett of the Milwaukee … Continue reading Reconditioned Drums vs. Used Drums

  Here at The Cary Company, we are dedicated to providing you with the perfect product and making sure we get it to you quickly and safely. When it comes to delivery, we really know our ship…..it! WATCH THE FULL VIDEO FOR A SPECIAL OFFER AT THE END. *Offer ends November 23, 2017. Online purchases only … Continue reading The Cary Company – Ship It !

A great solution for just about everything, diatomaceous earth (DE) is a siliceous sedimentary rock (white to off-white powder) that can be milled and processed to be used in an assortment of ways. It’s become popular in various industries for many different reasons, from food grade versions that improve digestion, as an ingredient that protects … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Diatomaceous Earth is Perfect for Paint & Coating

Quality and Consistency with Millions of Years in the Making: Celatom Brights for Paint & Coatings What are the most important factors in choosing products for the paint and coatings industry? In a recent customer survey, high quality and the ability to meet “spec” consistently ranked as the highest in customer responses. EP Minerals’ uses unique … Continue reading Millions of Years in the Making: Celatom Brights for Paint & Coatings

What do bees and a lawyer have in common? Much more than you may think! In 2013, Laura Brodie was a budding second year law student living in Denver, Colorado who was dating Leo Lockhart, a beekeeper living in Las Animas, Colorado. Separated by a three hour drive, the couple made the most of their … Continue reading Sweeten Up to Lockhart Honey Farms

The lingering taste of utter sweetness and the unspoken desire for just one more bite is a cookie phenomenon everyone can relate to. For the happily married Jeff and Heather Flathau, the love for cookies extends past the mere idea of personal enjoyment, they want to share their passion for delish treats with everyone. How … Continue reading Snap Away on Flathau’s Fine Foods