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Louisville Slugger Game Time Sports
Football Field Marker
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Athletic Field Supplies
Baseball Field Chalk

Athletic Field Marker Powder (Field Line Chalk)

We are proudly offering Louisville Slugger® Game Time White Stripe Field Marking Powder™. Louisville Slugger® Brand Athletic Field Marker Chalk and Line Striping Powder is the right choice for marking all athletic fields. The PURE WHITE non-toxic material is safe for your athletes, the soil and synthetic surfaces. Our Field Marking Chalk is preferred by coaches and groundskeepers for 5 good reasons:
Field Marking Chalk
1. Pure White in Color
2. Improves Visibility & Appearance
3. Easy Application
4. Cost Effective
5. Non-Toxic (Safe on Soil, Turf & Clothing)

Sports Field Marker Powder meets and exceeds professional and NCAA Standards.

Louisville Slugger® Athletic Field Marker Powder
Quantity (Lbs)
50 Lbs
250 Lbs
1,000 Lbs
2,800 Lbs (1 Pallet)
5,600 Lbs
11,200 Lbs
Great for use as:

Baseball Field Marker
Baseball Field Powder
Softball Field Marker
Softball Field Powder
Soccer Field Marker
Soccer Field Powder
Football Field Marker
Football Field Marker

Baseball Field Chalk
Baseline Chalk
Baseline Powder
Softball Field Chalk
Home plate Chalk
Line Chalk
Foul Line Chalk
Yard Marker

One 50 lb. Bag covers approximately 30 square feet (or a 90' line).

Athletic Field Marking Machines
(For use w/ Dry Marking Powder Chalk)

50 lb Field Marking MachinePart#51BLM3 - 35 lb Capacity Line Marker: Place the boundaries for practices and games with the 35 lb Line Marker. This all steel unit with galvanized steel bucket has adjustable line guides that can be changed from 2 in. to 4 in. Guide stripe on lid for easy application. 4 Heavy duty wheels Steel axle. ABS plastic agitator.

50 lb Field Marking MachinePart#51BLM2 - 50 lb Capacity Line Marker: Set the boundaries for practice and game time. The Alumagoal Heavy Duty 50lb Dry Line Marker is among the most durable line markers on the market. The all structural steel, with 11 gauge frame and 18 month warranty make it a must have! There's an 18 gallon galvanized steel bucket, steel axle bushings and 4" solid rubber tires.

Part#51BLM5 - 50 lb Capacity Line Marker (4 Pneumatic Wheels)

100 lb Field Marking MachinePart#51BLM4 - Heavy Duty 100lb Dry Line Marker is among the most durable line markers on the market. 11 gauge steel frame and 18 gauge galvanized steel bucket, steel axle bushings and 4 pneumatic tires that measure 3.5"W x 10" in diameter. Adjustable setting for 2" and 4" lines.

LINE MASTER®Athletic Field Marking Machines
Price (each)
Heavy Duty 35 lb Dry Line Marker
35 lbs of Powder
Heavy Duty 50 lb Dry Line Marker
50 lbs of Powder
Heavy Duty 50 lb Dry Line Marker
(4 Pneumatic Wheels)
50 lbs of Powder
Heavy Duty 100 lb Dry Line Marker
100 lbs of Powder

Athletic Field Texturizer & Absorbent

Game Time RedLouisville Slugger® Game Time Red Infield Conditioner, Texturizer & Absorbent - calcined clay / conditioner is 100% natural earth. It is dark red in color, and no dye is added. This product provides high absorption capabilities, which translates to improved moisture management.

Red Field Texturizer & Absorbent
Quantity (Lbs)
Price /LB

H2O B-GoneLouisville Slugger® Game Time H2O B-Gone™ - is a calcined clay / conditioner used to quickly dry puddles and muddy conditions. The finer gradation has more surface areas to dry the field faster, reducing rain delays. It will not stick to cleats and is easily incorporated into the field.

Game Time H2O B-Gone®
Quantity (Lbs)
Price /LB

1. Improves safety
2. Helps Prevent Rain outs
3. Reduces rain delays
4. Quick Absorption of Excess Water
5. Reduces compaction
6. Incorporates well into an infield

7. Helps prevent rain-outs
8. Improves drainage
9. Controls moisture
10. Will not compress or stick to cleats
11. Gives a richly-colored professional quality field

Louisville Slugger® Game Time Conditioners can be used to help reduce compaction in high traffic areas in your turfgrass. It can also be used as a top dressing material for your football, soccer and outfield turfgrass.

Field Conditioner

Game Time ProLouisville Slugger® Game Time Pro Conditioner™ is the Infield Conditionerideal
choice for conditioning infields. This calcined clay / conditioner is a specialty product made with the professional in mind. It's clean, consistent gradation makes the perfect choice for professionals skinned surfaces.

Louisville Slugger® Game Time Pro Infield Conditioner
Quantity (Lbs)
Price /LB

Pitchers Mound Clay & Batters Box Clay

Louisville Slugger® Pitchers Mound Clay & Batters Box Clay™ is screened heavy clay with a natural red color. It has higher clay content than other average products. This clay can be mixed with other products or used on its own. This clay can be used to construct, rebuild, or repair pitcher's mounds or batters / catchers boxes.
Batters Box Clay

Pitchers Mound & Batters Box Clay
Quantity (Lbs)
Price /LB

Also Available:

Infield Mixes

Game Time RedLouisville Slugger® Game Time Stadium Red™ - Red in color. Provides excellent drainage with minimal accumulation of surface water. All natural ingredients. Less compaction. ASTM approved

Game Time Custom ClassicLouisville Slugger® Game Time Custom Classic™ - Tan in color. Provides firm traction and footing. Good drainage. All natural ingredients. Less compaction. ASTM approved.

Game Time Custom ClayLouisville Slugger®
Game Time Custom Clay™ - Processed clay for ball field. Free from all stones and debris. ASTM approved.

Synthetic Turf

A-Turf Louisville Slugger® Synthetic Baseball Fields™ - is one of the country's leading synthetic turf field builders. Its systems are ideal for all sports and levels of play. You will never have to call the game because of rain!

Warning Track

Louisville Slugger® Game Time Warning Track™ - Excellent appearance and playability. Drains well and stays in place for years of use. Crushed red granite screened to 3/8"

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