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Paint Can Overseals

ARMLOK and NORMLOK Paint Can Overseals

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ARMLOK® Overseals
Sizes: 1/2 Pint, 1 Pint, 1 Quart, 1 Gallon
Armlok Removal Instructions: armlok_removal.pdf
# / Case
1 Gallon Armlok® II (New Style)
1 Gallon Armlok® I (Old Style)
1 Quart Armlok®
1 Pint Armlok®
1/2 Pint Armlok®
Differences between Armlok® I (Old Style) vs. Armlok® II (New Style)
1) ARMLOK II is a more robust component
2) ARMLOK II has a flatter profile and is 50% wider than the original 
3) ARMLOK II limits the amount of plug deformation caused when a gallon paint can is pressurized
4) ARMLOK II results in a more consistent seal when applied mechanically 
5) ARMLOK II has Bway Packaging embossed on the profile vs. Brockway Standard
6) ARMLOK II has a symbol indicating proper way to take ring off.
**Please note the Armlok II is designed to fit on cans manufactured by BWAY Corp.**
If you are purchasing the quart ring and can from us, the 30WQAN & 30WQAL rings do not fit our 30WS4U or 30WS4B cans. Please order 30WC4U or 30WC4B cans instead.

NORMLOCK® Paint Can Rings
Sizes:1/2 Pint, 1 Pint, 1 Quart, 1 Gallon

Buy Normlock Rings
# / Case
1 Gallon Normlock® for use on Tin Paint Cans
1 Gallon Normlock® for use on **KW Hybrid Plastic Paint Cans
1 Quart Normlock® for use on Tin Paint Cans
1 Pint Normlock® for use on Tin Paint Cans
1/2 Pint Normlock® for use on Tin Paint Cans

Normlock® Rings are designed to fit all major brands of paint cans including BWAY, U.S. Can (Ball Corp), and Central Can Company. **We also offer Normlock® Rings specifically designed for KW Plastic & Hybrid Cans.
**Please note: If you are purchasing the quart ring and can from us, the 30WQAN & 30WQAL rings do not fit our 30WS4U or 30WS4B cans. Please order 30WC4U or 30WC4B cans instead.

Also Available
Paint Can Clips
Large Can Clips for Gallon & 1/2 Gallon Tin Cans
Medium Can Clips for Quart Tin Cans
Medium Can Clips for Quart, Pint & 1/2 Pint Hybrid Cans
Small Can Clips for 1 Pint & 1/2 Pint Tin Cans
Large Can Clips for Gallon & Quart ALL-PLASTIC & Gallon Hybrid Cans
Buy Paint Can Clips

Paint Can Closer
Part# 30WPCC
Paint Can Closer
The Paint Can Closer eliminates the need for hammers and mallets by providing the proper closure of paint cans, lids & overseals.

The Paint Can Closer features:
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Closes & Seals **1/2 pint, 1 pint, 1 quart, 1/2 gallon & 1 gallon sizes
  • Includes shelves for ½ pint (¼ liter), pint (½ pint), and quart (liter) containers
  • Saves money: no more leakages, spills or inventory loss due to improperly fitted can lids
  • Simple and easy to use
Buy Paint Can Closing Tools


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