Spouts & Faucets

Drum Spouts and Faucets come available for use in 38mm, 3/4", and 2" openings. Drum Spouts and Faucets are made of Polyethylene, gray iron, brass, and stainless steel. Drum Spouts and Faucets create a fast and smooth flow and are easy to fit to drum openings. Models include 2" and 3/4" Molasses Gate Faucet, 2" NPS Brass Gate Valve, 3/4" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Drum Faucet, 3/4" Brass Safety Faucet,2" Plastic Drum Faucet, 3/4" Rieke Flo-Rite Faucet, 3/4" Zinc Plated Sure Close Faucet, and 38mm Plastic Faucet (with 8mm outlet).

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