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Dust Chaser Leak Detection System
& Fluorescent Powders

Fluorescent Powder

Fluorescent Powder Pricing - How Does It Work - Benefits - UV Blacklight Lights & Lamps

Dust Chaser Leak Detection System
"Find Filter leaks instantly with Dust Chaser UV Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder!"

Safe & Dependable
The Dust Chaser System is completely portable - ideal for one-person operation and has AC and DC battery back-up capabilities.

This system works for wire cage, shaker, reverse air and cartridge-type collectors and is designed to ensure proper installation of new bags.

Suited to Your Needs
Dust Chaser is available in the following standard sizes:
5 lb pail - (4 per case) *IN STOCK*
25 lb pail
50 lb drum
150 lb drum
300 lb drum

Also Available: UV AC/DC Rechargeable Lantern

Pricing: Shown Below

Fluorescent leak detection powder

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Cuts Detection Time by 90%
Using our specially formulated fluorescent powder and an ultra-violet black light, the Dust Chaser system quickly and efficiently pinpoints leaks in bags, seams and welds-eliminating the need for time-consuming hand-eye inspections.

Easy to Use
Start by introducing Dust Chaser into the dirty air stream. As the compound travels through the bag house, it passes through the leaking areas and accumulates on the clean side of the collector. All bags are then inspected with an ultra violet light. Large areas can be inspected from a single position, without need of a ladder.

The Built-up compound gives off an intense fluorescent glow under the black light, not only pinpointing leaks in bags, seam and welds, but also identifying future problem areas, eliminating unnecessary bag changes and unscheduled down-time.


- Eliminates slow and unreliable hand inspection of filter bags and cartridges
- Full length of bags can be inspected without a ladder
- Works for wire cages, shaker type, reverse air collectors and cartridges collectors
- One-man operation
- Portable and easy to use
- Completely safe and dependable
- Non-toxic and non-relative


- A Self-contained, UV blacklight
- Power cord or battery pack
- Specially formulated Dust Chaser Tracer Compound


- Simply introduce the Tracer Compound into the dirty airside of the collector
- Allow the compound to pass through the broken bags and leaking seams and seals to the "Clean Side" of the collector
- Using the special detector light, failed bags are quickly pinpointed by using the intense fluorescent glow radiating from the Tracer Compound
- Faulty welds and leaks in seams and seals are easily visible as the compound glows under the special light
- Minutes of inspection using the Dust Chaser Leak Detection System is far more reliable than hours of ordinary hand inspection


  Fluorescent Powders Buy Fluorescent Powder
Leak Detection Fluorescent Powder
Packaging Size
Green Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder
5 lb Pail
Orange Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder
5 lb Pail
Pink Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder
5 lb Pail
Yellow Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder
5 lb Pail

Ultraviolet Black Light Lamps
UV Rechargeable Lantern w/ Carrying Case & Safety Glasses
Baby Blue Plus UV Flash Light w/ Glasses, Case & Chargers
Pocket 1W Near-UV 405nm Diffused Beam Investigating Light w/ Safety Glasses & Carrying Case
DCUV-CWL Cordless UV Detection Wand Lamp
Replacement Bulbs

UV Blacklight Lamps Available At:
Shop for UV Blacklight Lamps at The Cary Store
Shop for Flashlight UV Kit at The Cary Company

#21BUVF - Flashlight w/ Carrying Case & Goggles


Ultraviolet AC Rechargeable Lantern
Part#21BUVF - (Includes Lantern, Case & Goggles)
Buy UV Lamps
- New! Increased output using latest emitter.
- Pocket-sized true blacklight Alternate Light Source.
- Nichia high flux emitter with special lens (not a reflector!).
- Beam diameter is 6” (at 15” working distance).
- Current-regulated drive circuit maximizes output performance.
- Black anodized aluminum body.
- Glass lens.
- Uses two CR123A lithium cells.
- Supports one 18650 cell.
- Click on/off rubber tailcap switch.
- Momentary-on also possibly with tailcap switch.
- Useful battery life typically 6 hours (primary cells)
- Supports Lithium and rechargeable lithium batteries.
- 5.25 inches long.
- LED Lifetime 10,000 hours.
- Beam angle 10 degrees with no hot-spots or rings.
- Output power 400mW at 385nm peak.
- Lanyard provided.
- Shows dust and contaminants unlike any other light this size!
- Unbeatable for currency and document examination.
- Kit available with custom case and yellow viewing glasses.
- NOTE: Available with smooth 30 degree beam for forensic
- Universal Smart Charger can be added for Euro customers

Baby Blue Plus UV Light
Baby Blue Plus UV Light
- Flash Light w/ Carrying Case, Glasses, Wall Charger & Car Charger


Baby Blue 3 UV Flashlight Kit Buy UV Flashlight
Part# 21WUVB - (Includes Case, Light, Glasses, 120v Wall Charger & 12v DC Car Charger)

- Cordless and rechargeable, no need for extension cords.
- Durable anodized aluminmum body.
- The 2200mAh battery provides up to 3 hours of use.
- The Blue LED offers a 'bulb-life' of up to 100,000 hours
- Power equivalent to larger 150 W models.

Kit Includes:
- Durable case for easy transport and storage.
- LED Enhacing glasses (ANSI Rated).
- 2200 mAh rechargeable battery.
- AC and DC Quick Chargers
- A choice of chargers: 120V (Type A), 230V (type C), or 240V (Type I)

Near-UV Inspection Light
Near-UV Light
#21BWAL - Pocket Light w/ Carrying Case & Goggles
#21BWAC - Battery Charger
#21BWAB - Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  Near-UV 405nm Diffused Beam Investigating LightBuy Investigating Light
Part# 21BWAL
- Light, Case & Goggles
Part#21BWAC - Dual Channel Battery Charge
Part# 21BWAB - Rechargeable Lithium Battery

- Pocket-sized powerful near-UV light source.
- High flux UV emitter technology — many times more powerful than
regular LEDs!
- Most powerful UV chip emitter.
- Unique diffused beam — perfect for coating inspection.
- Regulated drive electronics means constant UV output.
- Custom diffusing lens maximizes beam performance.
- Powered by long shelf-life CR123A lithium cells (included)
- Also supports rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 cell (optional)
- Tailcap switch features momentary on as well as on/off functionality.
- 6” long x 1.5” wide approx.
- LED Lifetime 10,000 hours.
- Kit includes custom case and professional yellow viewing glasses.

UV fluorescent powder

UV fluorescent powder is also known as black light powder, leak detection powder, Ultraviolet invisible powder, anti-theft powder, anti-counterfeiting powder, UV concealed fluorescent powder. UV Fluorescent Powder is a kind of luminescent material which is mainly made from rare earthen material.


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