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Great for Trucks, Trailers & Heavy Equipment

(Available in 5 gallon Pails, 55 gallon Drums, 275 gallon Totes)

INVIRO-CLEAN ALUMA BRIGHT is a heavy duty formulation designed for cleaning trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, and for heavy duty degreasing.  Its rich, high alkaline foam quickly attacks dirt and grime and allows for quick rinsing without streaks.  Because of its high alkalinity, extreme care should be exercised when using on aluminum, soft metals, and painted surfaces.  INVIRO-CLEAN ALUMA BRIGHT really excels when used to clean vast aluminum surfaces such as diary trucks, fuel tankers, and bulk trucks.  The product will brighten aluminum, but will not cause blushing or discoloration of the surface if used in accordance with our recommendations.

NEVER allow INVIRO-CLEAN ALUMA BRIGHT to dry on the surface being cleaned.  INVIRO-CLEAN ALUMA BRIGHT has surpassed the safety requirements for alkaline cleaners in large industries and is completely biodegradable.


Physical Appearance Concentrate:á Odor:á Specific Gravity:á PH: Viscosity:á
Dark Brown Slight Soap Smell 1.05 11.4-12.5 (concentrate) 1 cSt @ 25 C
Biodegradability:á Freezing Point:á SPhosphorous as %P:á Flash Point:á
Pass 32 F 0.0% NA


High Pressure Spray Equipment:  1 part cleaner to 50 parts water

NOTE: Never let soap dry on surfaces!

HEALTH AND SAFETY:  INVIRO-CLEAN ALUMA BRIGHT is free of Diethanolamines (DEA), Diethanolamides, and phenolic materials.  INVIRO-CLEAN ALUMA BRIGHT does contain amounts of Caustic.  EXTREME CAUTION must be used when handling the product concentrate and the diluted product (rubber gloves and goggles).  Avoid continued inhalation of mists in spraying or other applications.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for complete safe handling procedures!

Warranty:  Because conditions of use are beyond our control, no representation or warranty is made in connection with the use of this product.  Technical information and recommendations are believed to be accurate, but are not guaranteed.

Fleet Business - Cleaners & Degreasers
Industrial Cleaners for the cleaning of trucks, buss lines, construction equipment, and general vehicle cleaning.

Product to Use
General Guidelines
Part #'s
Aluminum Tankers, Wheel Cleaning

Aluma Bright
(Water Based Product)

This product is used to remove dirt and grime from Aluminum surfaces.  Does contain phosphorus and other additives to brighten the aluminum surfaces.  Great for big aluminum tankers or wheel cleaning.  Do not allow product to dry on to the surface.  Will not cause aluminum “blushing”.  Caution should be used during use.

Usage:  Dilute with water 50:1 to 100:1 depending on the soils.
#37WAB1 - 5 gal Pail
#37BAB2 - 55 gal Drum
#37BAB3 - 275 gal IBC
Truck Washing, Vehicle Washing, Equipment Washing

Fleet & Equipment Wash
(Water Based Product)

Great product for removing dirt & soils.  Will not harm paint or finish of vehicles or equipment.  Can be sprayed on or brushed on.  May be mixed with tap water.  Do no allow product to dry on to the vehicle. 

Usage:  Dilute with water 30:1 to 100:1 depending on the soils.
#37WFE1 - 5 gal Pail
#37BFE2 - 55 gal Drum
#37BFE3 - 275 gal IBC
Gear Cleaning, Solvent Replacement, Heavy Degreasing Projects

(Biodegradable & Water Based Product)

This product is suitable for heavy duty degreasing and machine cleaning, equipment cleaning, and when diluated further with water, for mopping and floor scrubber operations.

Usage:  Product may be used straight, or diluted 10:1 for spray bottles and high pressure steam washers, 30:1 for mopping, and 60:1 for scrubbing applications.
#37WIC1 - 5 gal Pail
#37BIC2 - 55 gal Drum
#37BIC3 - 275 gal IBC
Brake Cleaning,
Truck Drum Cleaning

 Brake Cleaner & Parts Cleaner
(Solvent Based Product)

This solvent based product is formulated to remove tenacious residues when cleaning brakes, wheel drums, and other parts with hard to remove soils.  With a flash point of 142F, it is a fairly safe to use product.  Also contains some grease cutting and water displacing additives for longer use.

Usages:  As is from the drum.
#37WCB1 - 5 gal Pail
#37BCB2 - 55 gal Drum
#37BCB3 - 275 gal IBC
Rust Preventative, Penetrating Fluid

(Solvent RP/ Penetrating Oil)

This product is superior to WD 40 in many respects.  Unlike WD 40, our product does contain a rust preventative additive along with the penetrating qualities many mechanics are looking for.  Leaves a light oil film on the part when done.

Usage:  As is out of the drum or pail, may be applied with a brush or sprayed with an atomizer.
#37WWD1 - 5 gal Pail
#37BWD2 - 55 gal Drum
#37BWD3 - 275 gal IBC
For prices email or call ph#630-376-2400.
Parts Washers
The Cary Company offers the New Generation of Aqueous Based Parts Washers designed for use with aqueous-based cleaning solutions.
45 Gallon Parts Washer
Part#: 37BPWE
45 Gallon Parts Washer
-Dual filtration system: Prefilter and drain filter (all models) Corrosion resistant heavy-duty pump
-GFCI for added shock resistant safety
-Spigot with fluid control valve
-Heater thermostatically controlled preset to 110°F
-Flow-Thru brush with adjustable fluid control
-Thermowell for protection of the thermostat capillary bulb
-Low level fluid sensor
-Stainless steel lid and lid closure
-10-gallon soaking capacity
-Quick sink removable for easy servicing
-Filter system prolongs fluid life
-Recommended aqueous cleaning solution: KT600C

Part#: 37BPWE Specifications:
- Tank Dimensions 23W" x 34"L x 9"H
- Overall Dimensions 28 1/2"W x 40"L x
- Shipping Dimensions: 29 3/4"W x 40 1/4"L x 34 1/2"H
- Shipping Weight: 120lbs.
- 115VAC
- 60HZ
- 1PH
- 15Amps
- 45 Gallon

Rollng Cart
Part#: 37BPWC
Optional Parts Washer Cart
Parts Washers Recommended for Use with INVIRO-CLEAN 4000 or INVIRO-CLEAN HD DEGREASER

Call or Email for Pricing
Ph#630-376-2400 or Email:
Other styles & sizes of Parts Washers are available upon request

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