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LDPE Boston Round Bottles
HDPE & LDPE Boston Round Bottles
Boston Round

Plastic Boston Round Bottles are made out of High Density and Low Density Polyethylene and are stock from 1/2 oz to 16 oz. All come in natural color. Plastic Boston Round Bottles make a great squeeze bottle when combined with any of our dispensing caps...
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Boston Round Bottles
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Fluid Content
Cap Size
1/2 oz Boston Round Bottle
1/2 oz.
15mm (15/415)
LDPE Natural Boston Round Bottle
1 oz Boston Round Bottle
1 oz.
18mm (18/410)
LDPE Natural Boston Round Bottle
2 oz Boston Round Bottle
2 oz.
18mm (18/410)
LDPE Natural Boston Round Bottle
4 oz Boston Round Bottle
4 oz.
24mm (24/410)
LDPE Natural Boston Round Bottle
8 oz Boston Round Bottle
8 oz.
24mm (24/410)
LDPE Natural Boston Round Bottle
16 oz Boston Round Bottle
16 oz.
28mm (28/400)
LDPE Natural Boston Round Bottle
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