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Slick Stopper® Hydrophobic AbsorbentHydrophobic Absorbent
Hydrophobic / Oleophilic - Oil & Water Separator / Oil Absorbent

Slick Stopper® Floating Oil Absorbent is a hydrophobic absorbent for oil and water separation. Slick Stopper hydrophobic absorbent is completely natural and safe (non toxic), and is great for cleaning up oil spills in any body of water. If you need to absorb oil on water, this is the product for you!

Oil Absorbent
Slick Stopper Oil Absorbent
For reclamation of petroleum spills on water bodies.
Product Packaging
# Per Unit
5 Gallon Pail
30 Gallon Drum
Benefits of Slick Stopper Hydrophobic Oil Absorbent:
  • Buy Slick StopperCaptures oil on the surface of the water.
  • Can be injected under the surface of the water to extract sub-surface petroleum.
  • Completely natural and safe product, non toxic.
  • Oil captured is easily extracted by netting or screening.
  • Product can be recycled with oil being recovered.
  • Product is a sorbent and as such is exempt from regulation 40CFR300.5 per section 300.915(g).
  • Will provide a natural and safe cleaning effect on foliage within water.
    Usage Instructions:
    Quick, safe, and easy to apply.
    Dump overboard in bulk or air convey with optional blower.
    Dosage rate is typically 2 gallons of Slick Stopper per gallon of oil to be recovered.

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