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Acid Neutralizing Absorbent
Acid Absorbent
Acid Neutralizing Absorbent

TEAL-SORB AC in an Absorbent Powder specifically designed and formulated for the clean-up of Acid and Acidic Spills. TEAL-SORB AC is a unique, engineered mineral formulated to absorb and neutralize all acid & acidic spills (except Hydrofluoric Acid). Unlike clay, cellulose, peat, cotton lint/ fibers, and other agricultural based solutions, TEAL-SORB AC Acid Neutralizing Absorbent Powder is designed to bring the acid into its structure and neutralize it at the same time. The acid is then captured, leaving behind a residue free surface and a manageable clump of absorbed material. A color indicator further contributes to the acid clean-up efforts, as Teal-Sorb AC turns purple during the acid neutralization process, returning to yellow once the reaction is complete. Thus giving response crews a visible sense of security. Of particular interest is the lightweight and ultra absorbency characteristics of TEAL-SORB AC Acid Neutralizer Absorbent. With an average weight of 12 pounds per 5-gallon bag (approximately 0.80 cubic feet), TEAL-SORB AC is able to absorb up to 3 times its own weight in liquid.

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Part# Listing
Teal-Sorb AC
Product Packaging
# Per Unit
1 Gallon Shaker Teal-Sorb AC
2 Gallon Bag Teal-Sorb AC
5 Gallon Bag Teal-Sorb AC
5 Gallon Pail Teal-Sorb AC
30 Gallon Fiber Drum Teal-Sorb AC

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Teal-Sorb Absorbent
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1 Gallon Shaker

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