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Fire Retardant Absorbent
for Flammable & Combustible Spills

TEAL-Sorb FR Fire Retardant Absorbent Powder is nothing short of revolutionary in its ability to neutralize virtually all flammable liquids into non-flammable dry solids for safe disposal. Whether your spill involves simple gasoline or industrial solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), employees can work it with a simple broom, and safely dispose of the residue, which is no longer a hazardous waste.

Unlike clay, cellulose, peat, cotton lint/ fibers, and other agricultural based solutions, TEAL-SORB FR absorbs while suppressing the combustible vapors of volatile liquids. Even if ignition occurs to the absorbed spill, it becomes almost impossible to ignite.

Should the rare event of ignition occur, the explosive properties are eliminated or greatly reduced, and the flame is easily suppressed using only water! And, unlike peat, cotton lint/ fibers, and cellulose, TEAL-SORB FR is non-flammable and will NOT burn, reducing the risk of fires or explosions.

Teal-Sorb FR

Tealsorb FR Lightweight Ultra Absorbent Properties

  • Weighs an average of 12 lbs per 5 gal bag (approx. 0.80 cubic feet)
  • Absorbs 3 times its own weight in liquid
  • Absorbs spill quickly and efficiently
  • Weighs little more than the original spill after absorbent is added

Why Use It?

  • Less product consumption than the average absorbents
  • Lowest overall mass to landfill
  • Reduced trucking rates due to lightweight and absorbency nature of Tealsorb FR
  • Quickest and fastest clean up time compared to average absorbents
Tealsorb FR SDS: tealsorb-fr-sds.pdf
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Part# Listing

Teal-Sorb FR Product Packaging # per Unit
37WFR4 5 Gallon Pail Teal-Sorb FR 18/Skid
37WFR5 30 Gallon Fiber Drum Teal-Sorb FR 6/Skid

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