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Advanced Absorbents &
Spill Control Products

"The Total Elimination of All liquids"

  • Lower Shipping & Disposal Costs
  • Lighter handling reducing work comp claims
  • Absorbs virtually any liquid
  • Absorbs 7 times its own weight

TEAL-SORB Absorbents are unique, engineered mineral alternatives to today's spill response technologies.

Unlike clay, cellulose, polypropylene, and other agricultural based solutions such as Oil-Dri, TEAL-SORB is designed to bring virtually any liquid into its structure and "lock" it away.

With an average weight of 6 pounds per cubic foot, TEAL-SORB is capable of absorbing up to 7 times its own weight in liquid.

Tealsorb EQ SDS: tealsorb-sds.pdf
Teal-Sorb Products

  • TEAL-SORB EQ - General All-purpose Absorbent
  • TEAL-SORB FR - Fire Retardant Absorbent for flammable or combustible spillsBuy Teal-Sorb
  • TEAL-SORB AC - Acid Neutralizing Absorbent For Acidic Spills
  • TEAL-SORB SR - Dry Bleach Absorbent for bodily fluids or other potentially infectious wastes
  • TEAL-SORB BA - Caustic Alkaline Absorbent For base or alkaline spills
  • TEAL-SORB AQ - For highly aqueous spills
  • TEAL-SOCKS - Available as socks for dam formation in lengths from 4 to 20 feet
  • TEAL-PILLOWS - Hydrophobic pillows available in sizes from 2 square feet to 16 square feet
  • SPILL KITS - Complete with absorbent, gloves, disposal bag, dust broom and pan.

Part# Listing

Product Packaging # per Unit Teal-Sorb EQ Teal-Sorb FR Teal-Sorb SR Teal-Sorb AC Teal-Sorb BA Teal-Sorb AQ
16 oz Shaker 10/Box - - 37WSR7 - - -
1 Gallon Bag 20/Box - - - - 37WBS0 -
1 Gallon Shaker 36/Box - - 37WSR1 - 37WBS1 -
2 Gallon Bag 120/Skid 37WTS2 - 37WSR2 - 37WBS2 -
5 Gallon Bag 64/Skid 37WTS3 - - - 37WBS3 37WAQ3
5 Gallon Pail 18/Skid 37WTS4 37WFR4 37WSR4 37WAC4 37WBS4 -
30 Gallon Fiber Drum 6/Skid 37WTS5 37WFR5 37WSR5 37WAC5 37WBS5 37WAQ5

Absorbable Liquids

• Motor Oils • Battery Acids • Gasoline
• Transmission Oils • Paint Primer • Diesel Fuel
• Gear Oils • Paint • Kerosene
• Greases • Solvents & Thinners • Windshield Wiper Fluids
• Hydraulic Fluids • Automotive/Industrial • Anti-Freeze/Coolants
• Dyes • Cleaners • Inks
• Infectious Wastes • Bodily Fluids • Chemicals
Teal-Sorb Products

*Never absorb Hydrofluoric Acid with any TEAL-SORB product.

Compatibility Chart

Fluid Teal-Sorb EQ Teal-Sorb SR Teal-Sorb FR Teal-Sorb AC Teal-Sorb BA
Diesel Fuel
Racing Fuels
Antifreeze and other Glycols
Inks & Dyes
Pesticides & Herbicides
Acids (except Hydrofluoric Acid)
Caustic Soda, potassium Hydroxide & other strong bases
Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Benzene, Toluene & Xylene)
Infectious Waste/Pathogenic Waste
Polymer Monomers
Solutions with high metal content
Polychlorinated Biphenyls

Usage Instructions
  1. Apply TEAL-SORB around the edges of the spill
  2. Using a stiff bristle brush/broom, push TEALSORB into the spill
  3. Continue to brush back and forth in a circular motion over the spill until all the spill is removed
  4. Dispose of TEALSORB according to the local, state, federal, and international regulations and guidelines
NOTE ABOUT COMBUSTIBLE & FLAMMABLE liQUIDS:  When absorbing any flammable or combustible liquid, TEAL-SORB will greatly reduce the vapor trail associated with that liquid.  TEAL-SORB may reduce the ability of the absorbed liquid to ignite or explode but will not prevent it completely.  Use plenty of absorbent on such spills.  After such liquids are absorbed, store in an appropriate container, outside, and with good ventilation.  Add plenty of water to the container to greatly reduce the risk of fire or an explosion.  Should a fire break out after TEAL-SORB has absorbed a flammable liquid, plenty of water may be used to successfully extinguish the flames.  For routine absorption of flammable and combustible liquids,TEAL-SORB FR must be used (product patent pending)!  TEAL-SORB FR has “fire resistant” properties and is much safer to use on combustible & flammable liquid spills.

Find out the results of the battle between Teal-Sorb Super Absorbent vs Oil-dri® premium

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