Part #: 37BDP6

24" Square Ultra-Drain Seal Plus®

Ultra-Drain Seal Plus Protects Drains And Can Be Left Outside

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Part #: 37BDP6
24" Square Ultra-Drain Seal Plus®

Ultra-Drain Seal Plus Protects Drains And Can Be Left Outside

The UltraTech 2167 (37BDP6) is a 24" Square Ultra-Drain Seal Plus® made out of polyurethane (PUR) and polyethylene (PE) that effectively and quickly seals a drain.
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The UltraTech 2167 (37BDP6) Drain Seal features a flexible non-absorbing bottom layer reinforced with tear resistant mesh. The top layer provides short-term protection from UV exposure and vehicular traffic. These drains are excellent for parking areas, loading docks and other areas where the drain might be driven over.

Key benefits
  • Both sides are designed to effectively seal most drains (no top or bottom).
  • Resists oil, water and most aggressive chemicals, cleans with soap and water.
  • Cleans with soap and water
  • Optional Ultra-Drain Seal Wall Mount Units allow a "grab and go" response to any spill.
  • Can withstand temperatures between -10°F - 220°F (as long as the temperature does not drop below -10°F, drain and Drain Seal freezing should not be an issue).
  • Meets SPCC and EPA Container Storage Regulations 40 CFR 264.175.

  • *NOTE: This product is only intended for short-term use and should not be used outdoors for over two hours. Protection from “long-term exposure” is limited to the damaging effects of UV radiation. The Ultra-Drain Seal Plus is not designed for repeated, long-term exposure to vehicular traffic. The reinforced PVC top layer allows the product to be driven over on occasion, but because of the softer nature of the bottom sealing layer, it is not recommended that the product be driven over repeatedly. The Drain Seal can be used a temporary solution for a spill response until the spill is cleaned up. However, please note that since this is not its intended purpose, UltraTech does not have any data supporting whether it will or will not work in this situation.


Polyurethane (PUR or PU) is a plastic that is not only durable and flexible but also recyclable. PUR has poor thermal capacity and does not work well with most solvents. Polyurethane can be found in furniture, bags, shoes, and in building insulations. We stock PUR drain seals and plugs that are available for long-term or repeated use.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.

Additional Information

Color Yellow
Material PUR
Duribilty Heavy Duty
Dimensions 24" x 24 "
Country of Manufacture
Model UltraTech 2167
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