Sweeping Compounds

Sweeping compounds are ideal for for collecting and keeping dust and dirt down while sweeping in work areas. Colored compounds promote visibility, resulting in cleaner floors.
Sanded Grit Oil Based Sweeping Compound - General purpose sweeping compound made from oil, sand and sawdust. Ideal for use on unfinished or non finished floors such as ordinary wood floors, concrete floors, and metal floors.
No Grit Oil Based Sweeping Compound (no sand) - Oil Based, sand free sweeping compound that will not scratch finished floors. Ideal for use on finished floors such as floors that are painted or sealed, ordinary wood or concrete, painted concrete, ceramic tile, mosaic tile, vitreous tile.
No Grit Water Based Sweeping Compound (no sand) - Water-based SuperSweep is perfect for floor preparation and maintenance in sensitive environments such as food service and electronics storage. Ideal for use on floors that are sealed, painted or finished. There is no sand added and cleans safely while effectively collecting dirt and dust (Natural Wood Color).
"Enviro Sweep" Sanded Grit Oil-Free Sweeping Compound - Ideal for unfinished wood and concrete floors. Manufactured with sawdust, glycerin (by-product of biodiesel), and fine grade sand. Pine deodorizers have been added leaving your floor clean and fresh!

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