Part #: 30WD1L

34 oz. Liter Glass Milk Bottle, 48mm 48-Snap

Reusable 34 oz. (1L) Classic Glass Milk Bottles

Part #: 30WD1L
34 oz. Liter Glass Milk Bottle, 48mm 48-Snap

Reusable 34 oz. (1L) Classic Glass Milk Bottles

When you want a larger individual drink bottle, the 34 fl. oz. liter clear glass milk bottle is the perfect choice. Larger than a quart bottle but small enough not to be a half gallon, this liter bottle is just right for even Goldilocks. The bottle has a 48mm neck finish with a taller structure and square base, making it useful as a container for all types of juice, smoothies, sauces, cream, and decor projects. The Cary Company’s 48mm tamper evident snap caps are compatible with these bottles.
*Caps and closures sold separately. -- Scroll down below to view recommended caps.
Product Specifications
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  • 240 $2.431 ea.
  • 1344 $2.050 ea.
  • Case Pack: 12 ea.
  • Pallet Pack: 1,344 ea. (112 Cases)
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While the days of the milk man dropping off milk at your front door might seem like a thing of the past, those days can still be relived with these clear glass milk bottles sold at The Cary Company. Bring back the nostalgic good old days for your customers by using these glass milk bottles to remind them that quality and freshness still exists.

The Cary Company stocks a large selection of clear glass milk bottles to fit all your needs, from half pints to half gallon bottles. We also sell a variety of colored 48mm tamper evident snap caps that are compatible with these bottles. Glass milk bottles can even be used for do-it-yourself projects, decor for special events, and as vintage containers for all your favorite drinks.

Key benefits:
  • Eco-friendly bottles can be recycled or reused
  • Thickness of glass makes it good for daily use
  • Protects milk from foreign odors and flavors
  • Food and beverage safe
  • Keeps milk cold, which preserves flavor and shelf life

Quality is Key to Any Business
These clear glass milk bottles have a thick glass that make them strong enough to be used over and over again, while safely protecting your drink and helping to keep it cold. The bottles also let customers clearly see your product in its best lighting. Plus, unlike cartons and plastic bottles, glass bottles help to preserve the fresh taste and shelf life of milk by acting as a barrier to outside odors and flavors.

Environmentally Friendly
We’re all super heroes when we go green in today’s environmentally conscious society. These reusable and recyclable milk bottles are even more popular than before and your customers will appreciate your push to help save the world.

Various Applications
Glass milk bottles aren’t just for milk. These clear bottles are also great for various other drinks from homemade lemonade to thicker drinks like tomato juice. Find different ways to be more creative by using the bottles for craft projects and home decor to add that touch of personalization to any product.


Flint Glass - Flint glass is a clear colorless glass known for its clarity and high refractive quality. It is a heavy and durable form of glass that is suited to hold products that can handle light, from water, sauces, and food. It is sometimes used to hold select types of alcohol. Clear (flint) glasses can be sold as wine, woozy, boston round, and salad dressing bottles.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.

Additional Information

Capacity 34 oz., 1 Liter
Bottle Style Beverage - Classic Dairy
Color Clear
Material Glass
Dimensions 3.3" x 3.3" x 9.3"
Neck Finish 48-Snap
Neck Width 48 mm
BPA Free Yes
FDA Approved Yes
Country of Manufacture
Case Pack 12 ea.
Case Weight 16 lbs.
Pallet Pack 1,344 ea. (112 Cases)
Pallet Weight 1,984 lbs.
Pallet Dimensions 43" W x 49" L x 82" H
Industries Food & Beverage
Note: *Caps and closures sold separately. -- Scroll down below to view recommended caps.
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