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Potters Industries

Potters Industries, LLC

Potters Industries LLC is a leading producer of engineered glass materials serving the highway safety, polymer additive, metal finishing, and conductive particle markets.
SPHERICELŪ hollow glass spheres are used to enhance performance and reduce viscosity in paints and coatings and as lightweight additives in plastic parts. They are chemically inert, non-porous, and have very low oil absorption. - 110P8 - 60P18 - 34P30 - 25P45 Grades 110P8 and 60P18 are used in many high performance polymer systems.
Technical Data Sheets: 110P8, 60P18, 45P25, 34P30, 25P45
SDS: Sphericel
Q-CelŪ products reduce density, improve processing and flow, increase filler loading, reduce shrinkage, improves sandability and machining qualities, offers sound and thermal insulation while reducing cost per part by replacing expensive resin.

Q-CelŪ Lightweight hollow spheres offer latitude in manufacturing low density products. These single cell hollow microspheres appear as a white free flowing powder. The spheres have a hydrophobic coating, except Q-CelŪ 300, which is hydrophilic. The primary function of a filler is to reduce resin usage, but Q-CelŪ can also reduce density. Additionally, Q-CelŪ can enhance other properties as well.

Light Weight Spheres: 300, 6014, 6019, 6019S, 6024, 6028
High Strength Spheres: 6036, 6042S, 6048
Reduced Alkali Spheres: 7019, 7023S, 7028, 7036, 7040S 

Technical Data Sheets: 300, 6014, 6019, 6028 | 6036, 6042S, 6048 | 7019, 7023S, 7028
SDS: Q-Cel

SPHERIGLASSŪ solid glass spheres are microspheres with a density of 2.5 g/cc. The spheres are very strong, with a crush strength in excess of 30,000 psi. Moh’s hardness is 6.0-6.5. Glass spheres have very low oil absorption, about 18 g oil/100 g spheres. Because the spheres are nonporous, they do not absorb resin in a polymer system.

SPHERIGLASSŪ spheres are available in two glass compositions: A-glass (soda-lime glass) and E-glass (borosilicate glass). In most thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems, A-glass is satisfactory. E-glass is recommended for use with polycarbonate, acetal, and PTFE systems or other alkali-sensitive resins.

SPHERIGLASSŪ spheres are available with coupling-agent coatings. Use of coated spheres is recommended when better adhesion between glass and resin is needed. Please contact Potters for a recommendation. 

Technical Data Sheets: Spheriglass
SDS: Spheriglass

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