ACEMATT® Silica-based Matting Agents

ACEMATT® by Evonik Industries — Matting Agents for the Coatings Industry

Evonik's Silica-based Matting Agents are able to change the surface structure in such a way that the light hitting the treated surface is defined gritted. The matting particles, breaking the surface of the coating, are invisible to the human eye. Neither the color of the coatings nor the surface under a clear coating is significantly changed. Thanks to a fine matt coating film, often only visible for an expert, objects, like the dashboard in the car, the surface of the dining table or the perfume flacon, can obtain an elegant velvet shine and a pleasant touch. But this fine roughness is not only providing the surface with a comfortable touch, but also with a noble satin-gloss, which is very popular by e.g. parquet floors.

Choosing a matt surface is not only an aesthetic decision, but is also a good choice to avoid dangerous reflexions in building facades or industrial floorings. ACEMATT® is the matting solution in any coatings formulation, from water-based to UV-curing.

The Cary Company is an authorized distributor of Evonik's AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE®, AERODISP®, SIPERNAT®, ACEMATT®, and Dynasylan® product lines. For samples, technical data sheets (TDS), safety data sheets (SDS) or general questions, please contact a specialty chemical representative by email at or by phone at (630) 629-6600.

ACEMATT® Thermal Silica

Thermally manufactured silica differ from wet process products mainly in the amount of adsorbed and chemically bound water. As a rule, this product group has a low drying loss ( 2 hrs at 105°C) and a lower ignition loss (2 hrs at 1000°C). These factors are relevant, for example, for PU-systems and for transparent coatings.