Unimin® Corporation

One of North America's leading producers of non-metallic industrial minerals.

Unimin® Corporation is one of North America's leading producers of non-metallic industrial minerals. Their quartz, feldspar, nepheline syenite, olivine, calcium carbonate, clay, kaolin, lime and limestone products are the essential raw materials of nearly every manufacturing process. Unimin® is a worldwide supplier to the glass, ceramic and lighting industries, to oil and natural gas service companies, and to paint, plastic, rubber and composite manufacturers.

The Cary Company is an authorized distributor of Unimin® MINEX® Functional Fillers & Extenders, IMSIL® Microcrystalline Silica, and SNOBRITE® White Kaolin Extender Pigments product lines. For samples, technical data sheets (TDS), safety data sheets (SDS) or general questions, please contact a specialty chemical representative by email at sales@thecarycompany.com or by phone at (630) 629-6600.

MINEX® Functional Fillers & Extenders

MINEX® functional fillers are produced from nepheline syenite, a silica deficient sodium-potassium alumino silicate. A complex in which the alkali ions are chemically fixed in the crystal lattice, MINEX contains less than one tenth of one percent free crystalline silica. This unique combination of physical and chemical properties delivers premium performance and proven value in a wide range of architectural, decorative, wood and powder coating systems.

IMSIL® Microcrystalline Silica

IMSIL® microcrystalline silica fillers and extenders are produced from a unique alpha quartz. With a morphology of equally sized crystals in a grape like cluster, IMSIL is easily divided, wetted and dispersed in waterborne and solvent based systems. The surface area of these crystals is unaffected by additional milling, producing a uniform rate of oil absorption regardless of particle size. IMSIL is insoluble in water, abrasion resistant and non-conductive, and unaffected by the strongest acids and bases.

SNOBRITE® White Kaolin Extender Pigments

SNOBRITE® white extender pigments are produced from selectively sourced intermediate kaolins. With a plate like crystal structure and high aspect ratio, SNOBRITE is an excellent multi-use filler and extender, providing semi-reinforcing properties, improved chemical resistance, and thixotropy for ease of application. In alkyd and water based coatings, the combination of particle shape and particle size distribution help improve film properties such as surface finish, scrub resistance and hiding power.