The 30BVA0 is a 15mm 15-425 neck finish black phenolic cap with a TRI-Foil® WP F-217 liner. Phenolic, short for Phenol Formaldehyde Resin (PF). At 220° C (428° F) or above, Phenolic caps will start to decompose. However, due to their non-chemically reactive nature, when exposed to corrosive or harmful chemicals over time, phenolic caps will not give out the way other polymers might.

Cap Liner Type:

Tri-Foil WP F-217® Co-extruded Foil Liner Composition
The Tri-Foil WP F-217® liner is a Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) foam based primary liner (F-217®) with a facing made with aluminum foil, white pigmented LDPE and clear Polyester (PET). Tri-Foil WP F-217® is generally considered one of the "stronger" liners available. Tri-Foil WP F-217® liners are comprised of materials similar to MF504 or Silite with pulp backings. We recommend you order a sample of this liner to test your product compatibility.
Aluminum Foil.00035".00889mm
White LDPE.002".0508mm
Tri-Foil WP F-217 Liner


Phenolic resin (Phenol Formaldehyde Resin - PF) is a durable thermoset plastic popular for its molding and physical assets. It is a result of a combined reaction between phenol and aldehyde. Known for its strength, heat, and chemical resistant abilities, phenolic resin is used to mold solids and is considered to be quite versatile, making it a good fit for a range of consumer and industrial products. Even though phenolic holds up well under certain levels of heat, phenolic caps will decompose at 220°C (428°F) or higher. Unlike other plastics, phenolic closures are capable of maintaining their form and attributes when exposed to corrosive chemicals. Phenolic caps are often used with containers that store chemicals and essential oils, making it an excellent choice for laboratories. The Cary Company stocks phenolic rod caps and various other phenolic caps with liners or inserts.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.

Additional Information

More Information
Neck Width15 mm
Neck Finish15-425
Cap LinerTri-Foil® WP-F-217 Liner
Liner CompatibilityGlass, PE (HDPE, LDPE), PET, PP, PVC, Universal
FDA CompliantYes
Case Pack12,600 ea.
Q & A
Customer Questions
Can you ship internationally? Where are you located?
The Cary Company online ordering platform is only set up to ship within the United States. For international shipments, please contact us at 630.629.6600 or Sales@thecarycompany.com, and we will be happy to process your order. Our main warehouse and office are located in Addison, Ill. We also have warehouses in across the United States that you can see here. Thank you for choosing The Cary Company.
Can this phenolic cap handle heat?
Phenolic caps are known for their heat-resistant, temperature tolerant abilities. In addition, phenolic caps have a superb chemical resistance.
What applications are commonly used with this phenolic cap?
Phenolic caps are commonly used in the pharmaceutical sector and are often used to contain chemicals, aggressive liquids or aromatherapy products such as essential oils. The closures are autoclavable and compatible with glass or plastic containers.
Can shrink bands be used with phenolic caps?
Yes, shrink bands can be used on phenolic caps as long as the shrink band size is compatible with the cap size.
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