This UN Rated blue 15 gallon tight head round plastic drum features a moveable handle. This drum is made of industrial strength high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) plastic similar to HDPE but more durable, with extra thick walls to provide superior performance and long lasting durability. The seamless construction of this closed head drum is suitable for outdoor use. High temperature is 140° F and low temperature is 0° F (60° C and -18° C). This closed head storage drum features drain vents molded in the top with a 2" & 3/4" NPS bung openings with NPT Plugs & EPDM gaskets.

Key benefits:
  • FDA food grade approved and DOT certified
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low water absorption
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Plastic Containers That Can Hold Food!

Plastic continues to be a top choice across the food industry, from containers being used in restaurants to jars and bottles being popular for small businesses. It is important to make sure the right plastics are being used to hold food products in accordance with the FDA. Our product specialists are available to help explain what the differences are between FDA Approved, Compliant and Food Grade.


High-Density Polyethylene PlasticHigh density polyethylene (HDPE ) is the most commonly used resin. This economical plastic has good impact and chemical resistance, is naturally translucent and flexible. It is typically used for personal care products such as shampoo bottles. Adding color will give HDPE an opaque look that will result in an increase in weight and rigidness. We have a variety of these rigid and tough high density polyethylene products in stock, from containers, pails, bottles, caps, tubs and jugs. HDPE works well in below freezing temperatures. HDPE heat compatibility varies. Maximum fill temperature is generally around 171°F; however, testing is recommended with your specific product and application.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility. The Cary Company does hereby disclaim any and all warranties, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use. We are not responsible for consequential damages arising from customer's selection and use of containers, container and label dimensions, and/or closures supplied by us.

Additional Information

More Information
Capacity15 gal.
FDA CompliantYes
Dimensions14-3/16" Dia. x 26-1/4" H
Weight7 lbs.
Case Dimensions15" L x 15" W x 27" H
Pallet Pack36 ea.
Pallet Dimensions48" L x 48" W x 85" H
Pallet Weight252 lbs.
Country of ManufactureUnited States
ClosureTight Head (Closed)
Fittings2" NPT & 3/4" NPT
GasketEPDM Rubber Gasket
UN Rating LiquidUN1H1/Y1.8/100
Q & A
Customer Questions
Can this drum hold fuel?
Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, this drum can store fuel, but it is not recommended to store fuel for extended periods of time. Two alternatives for this purpose are Part #56W15N, 15 Gallon Natural Tight Head Plastic Drum, UN Rated, 2" & 3/4" Fittings, and Part #56W15W, 15 Gallon White Tight Head Plastic Drum, UN Rated, 2" & 3/4" Fittings. Both are UN rated and DOT certified. Thank you for choosing The Cary Company.
What are the torque specs for the bungs on this plastic tight head drum?
The plug or cap is inserted into the appropriate opening and screwed down “hand tight” until the gasket is in contact with the sealing surface. A torque wrench capable of applying the proper torque to the fitting as specified by the closing instructions following is then used to tighten the plug or cap until it reaches the pre-set torque as indicated by a release or click. These wrenches should be calibrated at least annually. All non-removable head, UN 1H1, and 1H1W Plastic Drums, 49 CFR § 178.509(a)(1), 15 gallon to 65 gallon nominal capacity supplied with plug or screw cap closures with gaskets must be closed for shipment using only the closures and gaskets supplied and specified in the design qualification test for the drum as indicated below: 2" NPS solid and vented: EPDM; Buna; FPM; 20-25 ft.-lbs. and 3/4" NPS solid and vented: EPDM; Silicone; FPM 6-9 ft.-lbs. Thank you for choosing The Cary Company.
If not topped off, will this tight-head drum survive the expansion forces from the water freezing? Is this container suitable for outdoor use?
Thank you for your inquiry. This drum offers a temperature range of 140° F to 0° F (60° C to -18° C). It is suitable for outdoor use down to 0° F (-18° C). Thank you for your interest in The Cary Company.
Are tight head plastic drums food grade?
Reconditioned drums are not typically FDA-approved for food grade. Our new tight head plastic drums are FDA approved for food or pharmaceutical storage.
What are tight head plastic drums typically used for?
Tight head plastic drum applications include storing and transporting chemicals, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, waste, dyes, pigment, soaps, detergents, and many more commercial uses. Many of the tight head drums available from The Cary Company are UN rated for the safe storage, handling and transportation of hazardous materials.
How do I open this tight head drum?
For a tight head plastic drum, the cover cannot be removed. To get to the contents from inside, remove the drum fittings also known as plugs or bungs.
Can I use a heating blanket or band on this tight head plastic drum?
Yes, we have heating bands specifically designed to heat plastic drums.
Can you ship internationally? Where are you located?
The Cary Company online ordering platform is only set up to ship within the United States. For international shipments, please contact us at 630.629.6600 or Sales@thecarycompany.com, and we will be happy to process your order. Our main warehouse and office are located in Addison, Ill. We also have warehouses in across the United States that you can see here. Thank you for choosing The Cary Company.
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