The 26BZ07 is a 16" x 60" aluminum u-boat platform truck with folding handles that provides an easy and efficient way to transport items through small confiding spaces or aisles in grocery stores, warehouses, stockrooms, and more. This durable u-boat cart has a narrow, open deck design and two folding handles that allows for more space accommodation. The aluminum u-boat platform truck comes with two 6" x 2” rigid center casters and four 5" x 1.25" swivel end casters. It has a 1,750 lb. carrying capacity.

Key benefits:
  • Lightweight aluminum construction resists corrosion
  • 1,750 lb. capacity
  • Great for narrow aisles and small spaces
  • Foldable handles create more space, which works well with larger cargo
  • Six casters allows transportation to be smoother
  • Tilt design and casters help truck pivot on its own radius
  • Comes with two 6" x 2” rigid center casters and four 5" x 1.25" swivel end casters. Polyurethane wheels resist impact and wear.


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Additional Information

More Information
Capacity 32 gal.
Color Silver
Material Aluminum
Dimensions 63" L x 17" W x 14" H
Pallet Pack 12 ea.
Pallet Dimensions 48" L x 40" W x 90" H
Pallet Weight 885.6 lbs.
Weight 73.8 lbs.
Country of Manufacture China
Model 273296
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