The 26BZ08 is a 16" x 63" aluminum u-boat platform truck with handles that provides an easy and efficient way to transport items through small confiding spaces or aisles in grocery stores, warehouses, stockrooms, and more. This durable u-boat cart has a narrow, open deck design and removable handles that allows for more space accommodation. The aluminum u-boat platform truck comes with two 6" x 2” rigid center casters and four 5" x 1.25" swivel end casters. It has a 1,322 lb. carrying capacity.

Key benefits:
  • Lightweight aluminum construction resists corrosion
  • 1,322 lb. capacity
  • Great for narrow aisles and small spaces
  • Removable handles create more space, which works well with larger cargo
  • Six casters allows transportation to be smoother
  • Tilt design and casters help truck pivot on its own radius
  • Comes with two 6" x 2” rigid center casters and four 5" x 1.25" swivel end casters. Polyurethane wheels resist impact and wear.


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Additional Information

More Information
Capacity 32 gal.
Color Silver
Material Aluminum
Dimensions 63" L x 16" W x 61" H
Pallet Pack 12 ea.
Pallet Dimensions 48" L x 40" W x 90" H
Pallet Weight 1,092 lbs.
Weight 91 lbs.
Country of Manufacture Taiwan, Province of China
Model 270339
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