Part # : 56BM45

52 Gallon Blue Square Slatted Trash Receptacle, 11.5" Opening Lid

Part # : 56BM45

52 Gallon Blue Square Slatted Trash Receptacle, 11.5" Opening Lid

Ideal for high-volume outdoor & indoor locations

56BM45 is a fully assembled 52 gallon blue square slatted trash receptacle with an 11.5"opening. This unit includes the receptacle, lid, heavy-duty black liner and landyard kit. Made from recycled polyethylene, it is environmentally-friendly and long-lasting as it will not chip, rust or peel. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is durable making this trash can ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in locations such as gas stations, parks, schools and other commercial areas. The lid is low-profile with a wide enough hole for hands-free disposing of waste.
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56BM45 is a fully assembled 52 gallon blue square slatted trash receptacle with an 11.5" opening. This unit includes a low-profile lid to keep an attractive view while still providing enough space to dispose of most trash, a heavy-duty black liner which allows for easy waste removal as it is not attached to the receptacle and a landyard kit to secure the lid to the trash can. This eco-friendly slatted trash receptacle is made from recycled HDPE which is resistant to rusting, peeling and chipping allowing for a long-lasting unit even in harsh outdoor climates.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the durable trash receptacle is a bright blue which will not fade over time. The slatted surface gives a classic aesthetic and is easy to clean. This large, heavy-duty unit will not tip over easily and works well for indoor locations such as schools, shopping malls, and business offices.

Key benefits:
  • Fully assembled unit includes receptacle, lid, liner and landyard kit
  • 24” L x 24” W x 26” H
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • 11.5" opening for waste
  • Fade, peel, chip & rust resistant
  • Proudly Made in the USA


High-Density Polyethylene PlasticHigh density polyethylene (HDPE ) is the most commonly used resin. This economical plastic has good impact resistance, is naturally translucent, flexible and typically used for personal care products such as shampoo bottles. Adding color will give HDPE an opaque look that will result in an increase in weight and rigidness. We have a variety of these rigid and tough high density polyethylene products in stock, from containers, pails, bottles, caps, tubs and jugs. HDPE works well in below freezing temperatures. HDPE heat compatibility varies. Maximum fill temperature is generally around 145°F; however, testing is recommended with your specific product and application.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.

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Capacity 52 gal.
Color Blue
Material HDPE
Dimensions 24" L x 24" W x 26" H
Weight 28 lbs.
Country of Manufacture United States
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