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Cold. It’s what your products need the most. With winter over, it will become increasingly difficult to maintain product temperatures where you want them to be. There are solutions: industrial chillers and cooling wraps can ensure your products don’t get too hot or cold. But do chiller manufacturers understand your specific cooling needs? Bring on … Continue reading Custom North Slope Chiller and FluxWrap Capabilities


Are you tired of your tile and grout surfaces never looking fully clean and trapping foul odors in your facility? SaniGLAZE® is here to help! Since the mid-1990s, SaniGLAZE® has been restoring and maintaining tile and grout surfaces. Expanding in 2000 as SaniGLAZE International®, they now have over 100 franchise units in the United States … Continue reading Clean Your Facility’s Tile and Grout Surfaces with the Help of SaniGLAZE®

As the weather gets warmer, so will the things you need to keep cool. And while you can’t control the weather, you can definitely stay chilled by using Fluxwrap from North Slope Chillers. Fluxwrap: What is it? Fluxwrap is a versatile fluid temperature control solution in the form of a wrap-around chiller. It can chill … Continue reading Fluxwrap Cooling Jackets

North Slope Chillers Control. It’s what we all want over our lives: Control over food menus, what vehicle we drive, how our bodies look. It’s also what we want over the temperatures of our stuff. We want things kept cool, chilled and frozen. And that’s why North Slope Chillers was created. North Slope Chillers is … Continue reading North Slope Chillers: What is it?

Insulated Drum Heaters Keeping your expensive material properly heated with insulated drum heaters is one of the most important factors in storing bulk material in cold weather. Allowing freezing temperatures to get the better of your business when doing winter work can lead to delays, low-quality products, poor reviews, and less contracts for next year. … Continue reading Fight the Cold Weather with Tote and Drum Heaters

Stay safe with these industrial winter safety guidelines. Winter is upon us.  Though sparkling snow is enchanting, winter poses some major hazards if you haven’t prepared for it.  Failing to recognize and respect the dangers of winter is careless. Whether you are traveling through, working in, or enjoying the weather, the following industrial winter safety … Continue reading 8 Must-Know Tips for Industrial Winter Safety

 The Cary Company Strengthens Position in Container and Packaging Sector by Acquiring Gurman Container & Supply Corporation – Founded in 1922, Gurman Container & Supply Corporation brings decades of packaging experience and expertise to The Cary Company’s rapidly growing product selections. – The acquisition of Gurman Container & Supply Corporation represents The Cary Company’s continuing … Continue reading The Cary Company Acquires Gurman Container & Supply Corporation