Summer is hot!  And here at The Cary Company, we love our juice bottles! From lemonade to exotic fruit drinks, they are a perfect way  to bottle your favorite drink!  And if you haven’t checked out our previous blogs, then you need to catch up because everyone else has bought their first case of Cary … Continue reading Ratchet That!

Straight Sided Plastic Jars

Who knew that straight-sided plastic jars can be so versatile? These resourceful containers can be found in a variety of industries such as personal care, cosmetics, beauty, pharmaceuticals, and food, or even in arts and crafts projects (see below). Our straight sided plastic jars are typically made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), PP (polypropylene), or PS … Continue reading No Jar Can Hold a Candle to the Straight Sided Plastic Jar

Spice Jars

The Cary Company carries a great selection of spice jars, chosen to meet all of your spice packaging needs. With different colored spices and powders, our clear round spice jars add a decorative yet fully functional element to the kitchen or dining room. These spice bottles are simple and clean, and the clear material allows you to see the contents inside the bottle.

Honey Containers

The Cary Company proudly presents a new line of honey bottles: the plastic honey bear bottles. These bottles are great for packaging liquids and syrups of any viscosities in addition to honey. Labeling is also made easy with these bottles with the flat panels on the front and back of the bottle. Dispensing snap top caps that feature a small orifice for mess-free, controlled dispensing are available for the honey bear bottles.