The Cary Company Strengthens Position in Container and Packaging Sector by Acquiring Gurman Container & Supply Corporation – Founded in 1922, Gurman Container & Supply Corporation brings decades of packaging experience and expertise to The Cary Company’s rapidly growing product selections. – The acquisition of Gurman Container & Supply Corporation represents The Cary Company’s continuing … Continue reading The Cary Company Acquires Gurman Container & Supply Corporation

  It’s not easy being an entrepreneur, much less a health driven business owner who spends countless hours perfecting a product and bringing it to market. Known for her adventurous ways, founder Rachel Prososki is a sports and food enthusiast with a background in food science and research and development. Rachel was driven to form … Continue reading Stay Healthy and Active with Orange Abe Protein Shakes

Do you know what potential hazards could be lurking in that steel drum that you purchased off of sites like Craigslist? What may seem like an innocent purchase of a used steel drum at a great price could potentially put you or your neighborhood at risk. An intensive investigation by Rick Barrett of the Milwaukee … Continue reading Reconditioned Drums vs. Used Drums

Winter roofing is not at the top of anyone’s winter recreation list; however, it becomes essential when there is damage to a roof. Almost all types of roofing material utilize adhesive that requires warm temperatures during the installation process.  These adhesives require warm temperatures (heat source) to properly cure and fasten. Without proper fastening, a … Continue reading Winter Roofing and Powerblanket Hot Boxes

The Cary Company is ready to reveal our new look!  Our Art Director and creative team have successfully re-created and updated The Cary Company logo! You will now start to see our new modern and sleek look to represent how we have evolved throughout the times. We have come a long way from where we … Continue reading Introducing Our New Logo!

As the summer is scorching on, we at the Cary Company would like to show you some creative ways to use our products.  Mason Jars have been a hot commodity this summer and are a cute and easy way to spruce up your house. Whether making center pieces, vases, flame-less candle holders or fun organization … Continue reading DIY Mason Jar Tinting