The Cary Company is a leading supplier of packaging and containers to businesses in the greater Midwest region, and the animal feed and animal health industries continue to be a significant portion of the companies served. The Cary Company also has Mineral Supplements: Calcium, Phosphate, and Zinc  Excipients Additives: Liquid Stability, Additives, Mycotoxin, Absorption, Antifoam, … Continue reading Feed Your Industry

Steel Pails

Why use Cary’s steel pails? • Steel pails are way easier to recycle than plastic pails which helps reduce your environmental footprint! Go green! • Metal is also a safe-proof way to transport all your goods. • Volume is more consistent in metal containers than plastic. Wait… your steel pail needs a rust inhibitor lining … Continue reading Steeling the Lead!

Metal Bucket

Since Medieval Europe, the production of metal pails began.  However, around the middle of the 19th century, Henry Bessemer invented the mass production of steel. Because of Mr. Bessemer, Cary can sell steel pails that are just that good. So why use a steel pail over a plastic pail?   Steel has a higher durability factor … Continue reading Steeling the Lead

Pail Liners

Steel pails often do not come cheap, and it may be prudent to extend the lifespan of the pail as much as possible. One option for increasing the durability of a pail is the pail liner. The biggest advantage in using pail liners is that they keep your product from wearing down the steel pail … Continue reading Pail Liners

UN Rated Open Head Steel Pails

The plethora of steel pails in the industry can be a bit daunting. After all, how do you know which pail to use for what applications? With this guide, we hope to able to ease your mind and give you a stress-free experience with buying steel pails. Typical steel pail styles are open head and … Continue reading Steel Pails 101