Here at The Cary Company, we love when we get samples from our customers! It’s especially exciting when those samples are food related. So it was a nice, midweek surprise when we received a chocolate pretzel pizza from our customer Sweet Secrets Chocolate™, a unique gourmet candy company based in Carol Stream, Illinois. Sweet Secrets … Continue reading The Cary Company Smashes a Chocolate Pretzel Pizza!

Paint Can Flowers

At the Cary Company, our paint cans are among the most popular products we carry, with sizes ranging from ¼ pint to 1 gallon. There are five different types of cans available through the Cary Store which include tin, hybrid, clear plastic, all plastic, and clear art-style. We offer three different types of liners for … Continue reading Perfection is a Paint Can

Hybrid Metal Plastic Paint Cans

Go green with our line of hybrid and all-plastic paint cans! The Cary Company now offers hybrid paint cans and all-plastic paint cans that are made with 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. These plastic paint cans are an ideal alternative to metal paint cans, due to a lower production cost, recyclability, and resistance … Continue reading Can-tastic Packaging with All-Plastic and Hybrid Paint Cans