As you might have seen in our first DIY project on Tinting Mason Jars, we at The Cary Company love to show our customers creative and unique ways to use our products! The summer is ending and we need to take advantage of sitting outside to enjoy the weather every night after work. We chose this next DIY project to help emphasize this. These Tin Can Luminaries are a low-cost and easy way to brighten up your patio!

As the summer is scorching on, we at the Cary Company would like to show you some creative ways to use our products.  Mason Jars have been a hot commodity this summer and are a cute and easy way to spruce up your house. Whether making center pieces, vases, flame-less candle holders or fun organization … Continue reading DIY Mason Jar Tinting

Using Mason Jars for meals was a convenient and great idea but you can also use them for organization and decoration! Whether it is food in your pantry, or school supplies for your kids, Mason Jars are a cute and unique way to get rid of clutter! Most importantly they can give your home the extra sheek boost you’ve been looking for.

We have provided our favorite top 10 Mason Jar Desserts! Having desserts in Mason Jars is a really unique and easy way to impress your guests with some style! As we have researched they are a convenient way to individually portion out desserts and work great with both baked and non-baked desserts.

Mason Jars are the perfect way to grab a meal and take to go with you! Whether you are in a hurry or off to work they are a great way to individually portion meals for each day! With this said we have provided you with our top 10 favorite Mason Jar Meals. These recipes are not only easy to make but absolutely delicious!

Summertime is filled with sunshine and outdoor parties and activities. Mason Jars are a cute and festive way to serve cocktails, iced tea and any other summertime drink of your choice.Your guests will love this unique and decorative option to serve their favorite drinks.

Bath Scrub

We all go through it… the 8 hour work day that just gets your body exhausted.  And when you get home, all you want to do is soak in a tub and RELAX!  Well, I found a perfect solution here at The Cary Company.  We sell this incredible container and lid (Part #67WPSH, #67W8WL) that … Continue reading DIY Bath Scrub


Before all of your friends and family come over for your backyard BBQ, wouldn’t it be nice to put together some fun party favors?  The Cary Company caters to the perfect DIY holiday projects you have always wanted to make! How, you might ask? Our rectangular drink bottles would make the perfect party favor, especially … Continue reading 4th of July DIY