Moonshine effects pigments are borosilicate glass flakes coated with metals and metal oxides. These brilliantly-colored effects pigments vastly outperform conventional effects pigments in plastics, paints, inks, and many other specialty applications. The specifications of Moonshine glass flakes are controlled with extreme precision. Depending on the desired effect, either metals or metal oxides are precipitated on … Continue reading Moonshine Glass flake effects pigments

The zinc oxide coating, created as a result of research done at the University of Arkansas, has the potential to revolutionize the solar power industry.  This coating enables researchers to set new goals for energy conversion, and has the potential to make the use of solar power energy much more widespread.  Thus far, these engineers … Continue reading ZNO Makes Solar Boom

Glass Flakes

Glassflakes create a protective barrier to surfaces by making it difficult for corrosive gas and liquid particles to reach the substrate. The average path length to the substrate is substantially increased by the tortuous path created by the layering of the Glassflakes. These long and tortuous paths drastically reduce the number of particles that actually … Continue reading Glassflakes for Coatings


Dynasylan silanes supplied by The Cary Company are used in a large variety of high-performance coatings and metal treatments. The Dynasylan line includes silanes that offer greater corrosion protection than iron, zinc phosphate, and chromate treatments, while having less environmental impact. These silanes systems require fewer steps and contribute to significant cost savings for metal … Continue reading Dynasylan Silanes for Metal Treatment

Zinc Oxide Territory

For Immediate Release The Cary Company announces our newest PRINCIPAL partner in distribution, ZINC OXIDE LLC. ZINC OXIDE LLC’s new plant is the first zinc oxide plant to come to North America in over 20 years. Beginning July 2014, ZINC OXIDE’s Dickson Plant in Tennessee will be in operation. Utilizing the French Process method, the … Continue reading ZINC OXIDE, LLC NAMES The Cary Company as a regional distributor!

C6 Fluorosurfactants

The Cary Company provides high-performance fluorosurfactants for a variety of applications, including stain repellents and coatings, with no environmental hazard. C6 Fluorosurfactants supplied by The Cary Company are synthesized using a telomerization reaction instead of electrochemical fluorination. By avoiding electrochemical fluorination, Perfluorooctyl Sulfonate (PFOS) is also avoided, and the product will not be toxic or … Continue reading C6 Fluorosurfactants