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The Cary Company Smashes a Chocolate Pretzel Pizza!

Here at The Cary Company, we love when we get samples from our customers! It’s especially exciting when those samples are food related. So it was a nice, midweek surprise when we received a chocolate pretzel pizza from our customer Sweet Secrets Chocolate, a unique gourmet candy company based in Carol Stream, Illinois. Sweet Secrets Chocolate is known for its fun and delicious gourmet treats, like their signature chocolate pretzel pizzas. The one we received from them consisted of a pretzel crust, loaded with delicious milk chocolate, sugar cone, sprinkles, M&M candies, cookie chunks, and drizzled in white chocolate.

Ashley, Emely, and Lucy each had a shot in trying to get the chocolate pretzel pizza to break.

We took this opportunity of smashing the pretzel pizza as a type of team bonding activity for some of our employees, asking them to each give a shot in trying to break it apart. Emely, Ashley, and Lucy each gave it their all in using the mallet provided by Sweet Secrets Chocolate, a fun little something extra that comes with each of their chocolate pretzel pizzas that is perfect for getting out all that built up workplace frustration! Once broken up, it was a delicious hit in our office that everyone enjoyed.
Some of the mini art-style paint cans housing candies made by Sweet Secrets Chocolates.

Equally enjoyable was seeing the packaging that Sweet Secrets Chocolate uses from us. We love what Sweet Secrets Chocolate did for packaging their gourmet candies by using our art-style plastic paint cans. Their pretzel bark, chocolate covered almonds, malt balls, and hard candies look extra delicious in these mini transparent paint cans with a fun little handle, perfect for taking your candies on the go. These mini paint cans are a popular choice for our customers who are looking for a fun option to hold small food items, party favors or using in craft projects. They also make the perfect display when giving away as a gift. Simply add your favorite ribbon and no added gift wrapping is necessary, especially when filled with scrumptious pretzel bark from Sweet Secrets Chocolate!

Some Pretzel Bark that Sweet Secrets Chocolate has packaged in our mini art-style paint cans

We enjoyed this sample so much and definitely recommend it for your next event or celebration! For more fun, please check out this video we took of the Chocolate Pretzel Pizza Smash event!