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Dynasylan Silanes for Metal Treatment


Dynasylan silanes supplied by The Cary Company are used in a large variety of high-performance coatings and metal treatments. The Dynasylan line includes silanes that offer greater corrosion protection than iron, zinc phosphate, and chromate treatments, while having less environmental impact. These silanes systems require fewer steps and contribute to significant cost savings for metal treatment applications over traditional methods.


The first of their kind, Dynasylan multifunctional silanes improve product performance and efficiency in a variety of processes. The combination of several functionalities in one Dynasylan product affords new effects and properties not possible until now.

  • SIVO products combine high-performance with speed. The innovative Multifunctional Silane Systems platform allows coating formulators to fully customize their inorganic coatings. These formulations can replace chromium-containing pre-treatment systems.
  • HYDROSIL is a non-flammable water-borne multifunctional silane, which releases no solvents during production or in the end product. HYDROSIL hydrolyzed silanes ensure adhesion to the substrate, provide barrier protection, and provide adhesion promotion for subsequent topcoats.

Dynasylan brand oligomers in many cases have greater technical capability than monomeric silanes and are characterized by a significantly lower alcohol release.

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