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Feed Your Industry

Plastic Pails

The Cary Company is a leading supplier of packaging and containers to businesses in the greater Midwest region, and the animal feed and animal health industries continue to be a significant portion of the companies served.

The Cary Company also has

  • Mineral Supplements: Calcium, Phosphate, and Zinc
  •  Excipients
  • Additives: Liquid Stability, Additives, Mycotoxin, Absorption, Antifoam, Granulating Aid, and Fatty Acids
  • Fillers: Carbonate Clay

The Cary Company website has an extensive list of the products offered, and we would be very happy to help narrow down the options to find the specific ones that will assist with your company’s operations.  Please feel free to call or email with any requests that you may have.


Don Picchietti

[email protected]

phone: 630-629-6600 ext 2247