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Gertie & BB’s Gourmet Goodies

Gertie & BB's Gourmet GoodiesAfter dealing with extensive treatments, physical and emotional turmoil, many cancer survivors look for ways to celebrate and embrace life. Jeannie Alan, who successfully battled bladder cancer, found her calling in making candy. Jeannie found happiness in seeing other people enjoy her creations—the same feeling that drove the creation of Gertie and BB’s Gourmet Goodies.

In a way, Jeannie and partner Sheri Adams were destined to be in the confectionery world. Both cite family figures who influenced their appreciation for creating and experiencing the pleasure of well made sweets. In fact, the names Gertie and BB hold special meaning. Sheri’s grandmother, Gertie, was known for her famous pies, instilling an appreciation for the craft as a young child. Jeannie’s aunt, BB, encouraged her hobby and handed down the recipes that continue to delight loyal customers today.

Gertie & BB's Gourmet GoodiesThe business started in “sheer dumb luck” says Sheri. Like many small food businesses, it started as a hobby that took a shape of its own. Jeannie loved to create, and Sheri brought her experience and education in the confectionery industry to the table. Word about the duo’s delicious creations eventually got out, sparking a need to respond to opportunities for growth. “In this economy, people want their luxuries and indulgences. Gourmet food is an affordable indulgence.” Soon, they found themselves working in a shared kitchen, officially transitioning from a hobby into a fully fledged business.

A unique aspect of the Gertie and BB product line is in the treats itself. Made with toffee, candy, chocolate, nuts and fruit, these ingredients combine into interesting layers and textures that can be described as a delicious mash-up of candy, cookie and crisp.

Gertie & BB's Gourmet GoodiesGertie and BB’s clear gift pail features 24 individually wrapped treats, which includes all seven flavors: cherries jubilee, cinnamon hot cocoa, coconut almond, crazy coconut, mint madness, pistachio crunch and s’mores. Sheri and Jeannie picked our very own 30WK1C, a perfect choice for enticing customers by showing the textures of the treats. “We received good feedback on the pails,” said Sheri, who sent a variety of Gertie and BB’s treats to her family in Australia. “My brother called and said ‘These are fabulous! The packaging looks wonderful!’ It’s a good way to showcase your product so people can see it.”