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MINEX: A Safe Functional Filler Pigment

minex-image-final-350Manufacturers of industrial, OEM and consumer products continue to seek cost effective material solutions that offer safe handling and product labeling options, plus offer improved quality.  One of the key materials in the mineral filler pigments category offering these solutions are MINEX® functional fillers.

MINEX® is a durable white functional filler pigment processed from high purity nepheline syenite ore.  Nepheline syenite is derived from the Latin word which translates to “absence of silica”, and is quite safe even in the most sensitive consumer product applications.  Silica, and more specifically crystalline silica, is contained in the majority of ore deposits of industrial mineral fillers, and has come under increased scrutiny, especially in recent months.  Most consumer products and materials with greater than 0.1% free crystalline silica are now labeled since free crystalline silica is a known IARC carcinogen if inhaled.  In 2016, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) lowered the permissible exposure limit (PEL) to 50 µg/m3 over an 8-hours shift.  Many manufacturers are now seeking materials with the lowest free silica content when worker safety and product labeling issues arise.  MINEX® is the solution manufacturers turn to.

With three processing sites in North America (a fourth being constructed in 2017), MINEX® users are accustomed to reliable delivery and consistent quality.  A wide portfolio of MINEX® grades are offered with particle size distributions ranging from ultra fine to aggregate sizes to suit diverse application.  MINEX® is widely known for its ease of dispersion, UV stability, low tint strength, acid and base resistance, and durability in a wide range of applications. Formulators of everything from architectural paints, high performance industrial coatings and flooring systems, cleaning products, low silica carriers, and silicone rubber, will see benefits using MINEX® functional fillers.minex-close-up

MINEX® Applications Guide

                                                                             Particle Size Fineness

Minex 12 10 7 EP-315 4 3 2 1 IG 16, 20, 35, 40, 50
Architectural Paints
flat/contractor flats X X X X
eggshell X X X
semi-gloss X X X
semi-transparent stains and clear sealers X X X X X
masonry coatings and sealers X X X X X
Industrial Primers and Topcoats X X X X X
high solids X X X X
Marine Primers and Topcoats X X X X
Powder Coatings X X X X
Non-Silica Mild Abrasive/Cleaning X X X X
Polishing/Automotive Detailing Compounds X X X
Automotive Base Coats X X
UV Cure/Filled Clear Finishes X X X X
Inks, OPV X X X
Silcon Rubber-Insulative X X X X
Epoxy and Flooring Systems X X X X X X X
Textured Deck Restorative Coatings & Antiskid X X X X X X X
Artist Colors and Tints X X X X X
Sealants and Adhesives X X X X X X X
Traffic Paints & Road Markings X X X