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Moonshine Glass flake effects pigments


Moonshine effects pigments are borosilicate glass flakes coated with metals and metal oxides. These brilliantly-colored effects pigments vastly outperform conventional effects pigments in plastics, paints, inks, and many other specialty applications.

The specifications of Moonshine glass flakes are controlled with extreme precision. Depending on the desired effect, either metals or metal oxides are precipitated on the surface of the Glassflake, and the thickness of this precipitated film determines the color achieved. The average flake thickness is 1.2 microns.


These borosilicate-based pigments may be employed in the same applications as mica-based effect pigments, particularly in cosmetics where their high transparency and gloss make them suitable for transparent systems such as lip gloss.

How does Moonshine stack up against mica-based effects pigments? Natural and synthetic mica have innate imperfections in the particle thickness due to their laminate structure. The stepped structure of the particles creates light scatter, and impurities cause discoloration of the mass tone color. The platelet thickness and composition of our borosilicate glass flake-based pigments is tightly controlled to ensure that there are no impurities, which result in a neutral mass tone. These attributes give a more intense sparkling effect with our metal oxide coated Moonshine effect and ultra effect series.


A variety of effects can be achieved by selecting the particle size diameter, giving a range from silky shimmer to sparkle effects, and also by varying the loadings of Moonshine pigments. They may also be used individually or by mixing of colors or in combination with other pigments to achieve individual and unique effects.

Borosilicate glass flake-based pigments are inert, unlike metal pigments which may oxidize. They are non-toxic, do not bleed, and are heat stable.

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