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ZINC OXIDE, LLC NAMES The Cary Company as a regional distributor!

Zinc Oxide
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The Cary Company announces our newest PRINCIPAL partner in distribution, ZINC OXIDE LLC.

ZINC OXIDE LLC’s new plant is the first zinc oxide plant to come to North America in over 20 years. Beginning July 2014, ZINC OXIDE’s Dickson Plant in Tennessee will be in operation. Utilizing the French Process method, the plant will produce zinc oxide from special high grade and high grade zinc metal, as well as from recycled zinc.

ZINC OXIDE, LLC NAMES The Cary Company as a regional distributor!

Cary will provide experienced technical sales and services that include and are not limited to the following industries and markets: chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, oil additives, ceramics, electronics, glass, plastics, paint and coatings, tape and adhesives, and fertilizer (Ag Chem). The Cary Company is distributing ZINC OXIDE LLC’s products exclusively throughout the greater Midwest.

Zinc Oxide Territory

Ed Smith, ZINC OXIDE LLC’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, states that “The Cary Company represents an unparalleled list of distinguished suppliers who are recognized leaders in their respective fields, serving such industries as paint and coatings while being an active member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors.”

The Cary Company is an Illinois-based chemical, raw material, and packaging distributor. It serves a wide variety of industrial markets and has special expertise with the paint and coatings markets. Zinc Oxide LLC has formulated zinc oxide grades that provide a variety of important benefits to enhance the performance of paint and coatings products. ZINC OXIDE, LLC will market primarily through a network of direct sales staff, sales agents, and distributors.

For a complete listing of ZINC OXIDE LLC’s products and technical information, please contact The Cary Company at:

[email protected]
Phone: 630-376-2247
To learn more about ZINCE OXIDE, LLC and its product line, contact: ZINC OXIDE LLC, Inc., 600 Printwood Drive, Dickson, TN 37055. www.zn-oxide.com