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ZNO Makes Solar Boom

ZNO-sunThe zinc oxide coating, created as a result of research done at the University of Arkansas, has the potential to revolutionize the solar power industry.  This coating enables researchers to set new goals for energy conversion, and has the potential to make the use of solar power energy much more widespread.  Thus far, these engineers have been able to obtain a rate of 14 percent for energy conversion, with the potential to increase to 33 percent.

This new technology will make the use of much smaller solar panels and cells possible.  In the past, achieving sufficient conversion rates have been produced by large panels, but the zinc oxide coating allows solar power cells that are fractions of an inch long to be effective.  In order to put the 14 percent conversion rate into perspective, on average, a car has a 15 to 25 percent energy conversion rate.

These advancements will pave the way for endless possibilities as these findings expand the opportunities for continued research.  In the future, we can expect to see solar powered products for the consumer.

The Cary Company is very excited about these new advancements with zinc oxide.  The Cary Company has recently partnered with Zinc Oxide, LLC, and both parties are excited to see how this new technology will pave the way for expansion of the zinc oxide markets.

What kind of products would you like to see converted to solar power energy?