Part #: 26BAC2

Aluminum Chuck for 25-32mm Caps

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Part #: 26BAC2
Aluminum Chuck for 25-32mm Caps

The 26BAC2 is an aluminum chuck for bottle caps with a 25-32mm diameter, used in conjunction with a bottler capper or bottle capping machine. A bottle capping chuck is a tool that is attached to a capping machine that enables the capping machine to grip a cap. The grip generated by the chuck with an inserted liner is what allows the capping machine to tighten a cap onto a bottle.
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Standard Aluminum Chucks
Standard aluminum chucks are by far the most common type of chuck. They are a good choice for most cap tightening applications. A standard chuck is an aluminum shell, or cup. A soft urethane or white rubber liner is pressed into the chuck by hand, creating a tight fit between the chuck and liner. During the capping process, the liner contacts the cap and creates the grip with the cap. The capping machine uses the grip generated by the liner to tighten the cap onto the bottle. The role of the chuck is to create a rigid support for the soft and pliable liner while also serving as the means to connect the liner to the capping machine. Our standard chucks come in 16 sizes to fit caps ranging from 10mm - 130mm in diameter. Each chuck size will work with a particular cap range. It may be necessary to purchase additional chucks if you will be tightening multiple cap sizes.


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