This black lotion pump dispenser features a 7.72" (196mm) dip tube and fits bottles with a 24-410 neck finish. This pump features a locking mechanism to prevent accidental leakage and delivers a precise amount of product with one push. Lotion dispensing pumps are suitable for a variety of products including shampoo, liquid soaps, household cleaners and bulk condiments.

Key benefits:

  • Easy dispensing for a variety of products
  • Left/right locking feature prevents spills, leaks, and product loss
  • PP is tough, has good chemical resistance


Polypropylene PlasticPolypropylene (PP) is a tough plastic that has good chemical resistance. PP is translucent in its natural state but can have a glossy finish when produced with color. Some examples of common products made with PP are dairy and medication containers. Polypropylene is suitable for hot fill applications of up to 165°F and is therefore great for autoclaving. It is not recommended for cold or sub-freezing temperatures. The Cary Company has an assortment of polypropylene plastics available for purchase, such as plastic caps and jars, which have a higher tolerance for chemical products.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.

Additional Information

More Information
Neck Width 24 mm
Neck Finish 24-410
Liner Compatibility PE (HDPE, LDPE), PET, PP, PVC
Color Black
Material PP
Dip Tube 7-7/10" Length
Flow Rate 1.75 ml
Case Pack 1,000 ea.
Pallet Pack 24,000 ea. (24 Cases)
Case Weight 37.5 lbs.
Pallet Weight 1,125 lbs.
Case Dimensions 24" L x 15" W x 15" H
Pallet Dimensions 48" L x 45" W x 80" H
Industries Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Household Chemicals
Note: For additional styles and dip tube lengths, check out our full selection of Lotion Pumps!
Dispensing Pumps are not recommended for use with threaded glass containers as the closure may not provide a leak-proof seal. We recommend testing compatibility prior to purchase.
Q & A
Customer Questions
Do these pumps work well with the 32 oz. plastic bottles or are the stems short?
Thank you for your question. Although it depends on both the compatibility of the neck finish and the height of the bottle, many of our 32 oz. bottles are likely too large for this pump. As this pump accommodates 24mm 24-410 neck finishes and the dip tube is about 7-3/4" long, many of our 32 oz. bottles feature both a larger neck finish and are too tall to accommodate this length of dip tube. For example, Part #30WA31, 32 oz. Dark Amber PET Plastic Boston Round Bottle, 28mm 28-410, is compatible with 28mm 28-410 closures and has a height of 8.286". Not only will the neck finish of this bottle (28mm 28-410) be incompatible with this pump (24mm 24-410), the dip tube will end about 3/4" from the bottom of the bottle. Thank you for choosing The Cary Company.
Can you ship internationally? Where are you located?
The Cary Company online ordering platform is only set up to ship within the United States. For international shipments, please contact us at 630.629.6600 or Sales@thecarycompany.com, and we will be happy to process your order. Our main warehouse and office are located in Addison, Ill. We also have warehouses in across the United States that you can see here. Thank you for choosing The Cary Company.
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