Part # : CRC45

45mm 45-400 Child Resistant Caps (1,100 ea./case)

Part # : CRC45

45mm 45-400 Child Resistant Caps (1,100 ea./case)

Build & Configure Your Own Child Resistant Caps

Configure these 45 mm (45-400) polypropylene (PP) plastic child resistant caps to fit your exact requirements. Available in either Black or White color and with a "Pictorial" or "Push Down & Turn" top design. These caps are Certified CR via Title 16 part 1700. The Cary Company can build any cap and liner combination required. Below are the most popular options. If you require a specific liner, please contact us for assistance (630) 629-6600. If you are not sure what type of liner you will need, we can also direct you to the best liner for your product.
**Lead time: 8-10 weeks due to Covid-19. Call to see which child resistant caps we have in stock.
**Click "Product Specifications" to view Liner Specifications.
  • Quantity Qty Price
  • 1100 $0.227 ea.
  • 2200 $0.216 ea.
  • Case Pack: 1,100 ea.
  • Pallet Pack: 30 Cases (per skid)
Available for purchase in increments of 1100.
  • Quantity Qty Price
  • 1 $0.227 ea.
Availability: Availability varies based on configuration.

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Child Resistant Closures
In the highly regulated pharmaceutical market, reliable child resistant closures are essential. These child resistant closures safely secure your product while ensuring compliance with rigorous protocol testing to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards. These caps are ideal for Automotive, Household Chemicals, Nutraceuticals, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Cap Top Design Options

"Pictorial" directions embossed on the top surface of the cap.

PDT - Embossed "Push Down & Turn"
"Push Down & Turn" directions embossed on the top surface of the cap.

Liner Options

These liners are sized to fit industry standard 45mm neck finishes. Due to the variation in neck finish dimensions, particularly with glass bottles, we recommend testing the compatibility of liners with your bottle/cap combination. To request samples, please click here.

Foam Liner (F-217® .035” 3-Ply Co-extruded Foam Liner)
F217 liners are made of three layers: a thin soft polyethylene foam core sandwiched between two clear layers of LDPE film. F217 has become the industry standard due to its all purpose compatibility, resilient, compressible seal, cleanliness (no pulp dust) and economy. F217 liners are taste and odor resistant, and have a low moisture transmission rate, meaning they prevent moisture from entering the bottle and affecting products. F217 is a brand-name and tends to be used interchangeably with foam liner. However, F217 actually performs better than a regular foam liner. This liner does not create an airtight seal.
F-217® .035" Foam Liner Data Sheet

Pressure Sensitive Liner (PS-22 .020” Polystyrene Foam Liner - Printed)
Imprinted with “Sealed for Your Protection” in Black.
Structurally similar to a foam liner, pressure sensitive liners have adhesive on one side, designed to stick on to the rim of a container. When a container is closed and pressure is applied to the cap (and in turn, the liner), the adhesive becomes activated, which creates a seal. Pressure sensitive liners provide an extra level of protection in that it actually creates a seal that sticks to the rim of the bottle. Pressure seals are not considered a form of tamper evident seal. They do not work well with liquids, especially oils. They can, at times, work with thick liquids such as creams and sauces.
PS22 .020" Pressure Seal Liner Data Sheet

Heat Induction Seal (HIS) Liners - 2 Piece
Induction liners are a popular choice when a tamper evident air tight seal is needed. It also works well with liquid products. HIS liners are available with either a Pulp (paper) or Foam (polyethylene) backing that remain with the cap. "Tamper Indicating" or "Welded Seal" liners provide a tamper-evident bond to the container and are noticeable if removed. The "Clean Peel" liners provide an aggressive bond with clean peel removal but are not tamper-evident. An induction machine is required to apply the liner. Printed liners are imprinted with “Sealed for Your Protection” in Black.
For PE, Pulp, Tamper Indicating, Printed - FoilSeal™ .020" Pulp FS M-1 Liner Data Sheet
For PE, Foam, Tamper Indicating - Tri-Gard™ II TS PE .035 PL Liner Data Sheet
For PP, Foam, Tamper Indicating - Tri-Gard™ II TS PP .035 PL Liner Data Sheet
For PE/PP, Foam, Clean Peel - FoilSeal™ .030" C25P FS 1-15 Liner Data Sheet
For PET/PVC, Pulp, Clean Peel, Printed - FoilSeal™ .020" Pulp FS 3-19 Liner Data Sheet
For PET/PVC, Foam, Clean Peel - FoilSeal™ .035" C25P FS 3-19 Liner Data Sheet


Polypropylene PlasticPolypropylene (PP) is a tough plastic that has good chemical resistance. PP is translucent in its natural state but can have a glossy finish when produced with color. Some examples of common products made with PP are dairy and medication containers. Polypropylene is suitable for hot fill applications of up to 165°F and is therefore great for autoclaving. It is not recommended for cold or sub-freezing temperatures. The Cary Company has an assortment of polypropylene plastics available for purchase, such as plastic caps and jars, which have a higher tolerance for chemical products.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.

Additional Information

More Information
Neck Width 45 mm
Neck Finish 45-400
Cap Liner Configurable
Material PP
FDA Approved Yes
Dimensions 2.044" x 0.698" (51.918 x 17.729 mm) - Outside
Case Pack 1,100 ea.
Pallet Pack 30 Cases (per skid)
Case Weight 26 lbs.
Case Dimensions 23.06" x 15" x 10.04"
Industries Automotive, Household Chemicals, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceutical
Country of Manufacture United States
Note: **Lead time: 8-10 weeks due to Covid-19. Call to see which child resistant caps we have in stock.
**Click "Product Specifications" to view Liner Specifications.
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