19BHB8 is a 48" x 48" x 48" bulk material hot box with a digital thermostat from Powerblanket® (HB64PRO-1440). This unit runs on 120 volts and provides 1440 watts of heating power for a total of 64 cubic feet of heated enclosure. This product has the highest watt density of the Powerblanket® Hot Box line. It is fully insulated and includes an external thermostat so you can adjust the temperature to the ideal level for your specific product.

Comprised of an internal aluminum frame and a durable, full-wrap vinyl shell, this hot box is easy to assemble allowing for the unit to have good portability and storage capability. It is versatile for the transportation of temperature sensitive material, prevention from freezing in cold ambient temperatures and storage in remote and unheated locations.

The unit can fit a multiple 55 gallon drums, totes and even 4' x 4' pallets making it ideal to store palletized products such as paint, resins and epoxies. It can save money and prevent product waste by warming chemicals, caulks, etc. without scorching or burning the material and providing uniform heat.

Key benefits:
  • Maintains internal temperature of 120° F / 49° C
  • 64 cubic feet
  • 24" cord for hot box / 6' cord for external thermostat
  • ETL certified to UL and CSA safety standard

Disclaimer: Drum sold separately. This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper item for product and application compatibility.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility. The Cary Company does hereby disclaim any and all warranties, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use. We are not responsible for consequential damages arising from customer's selection and use of containers, container and label dimensions, and/or closures supplied by us.

Additional Information

More Information
MaterialIndustrial Vinyl
Dimensions48" x 48"
Pallet Pack6 ea.
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Q & A
Customer Questions
Where are these products made?
Powerblankets are proudly manufactured entirely in the United States.
Can I leave it on and operating overnight, throughout the week, month, etc.?
Yes, this product is designed and engineered to be run continuously.
Are there instructions for use included?
Yes, general instructions and user information are included in the packaging of this product.
What is your warranty policy?
Every Powerblanket has a 1-year manufacturing warranty covering any workmanship and materials. To register the warranty simply scan the QR code within the shipping box or contact your customer service representative.
Should I register my warranty?
Registering your warranty is a simple process that is recommended though not required. Registering your warranty would help decrease the time it takes to respond to any potential future problems. To register your warranty just scan the QR code in the shipping box or contact your customer service representative.
Do you ship internationally?
Online ordering only ships inside of the United States. If you wish to ship internationally, please reach out to us at 630.629.6600 or Sales@TheCaryCompany.com so that we may process your order. We are more than happy to help!
Can this be shipped by UPS/small package?
The shipping method is determined by the dimensions of the product(s) and the carrier. Most Powerblanket products can be shipped small package or by UPS, but heavy or large products may be shipped by Freight/LTL.
Can you ship internationally? Where are you located?
The Cary Company online ordering platform is only set up to ship within the United States. For international shipments, please contact us at 630.629.6600 or Sales@thecarycompany.com, and we will be happy to process your order. Our main warehouse and office are located in Addison, Ill. We also have warehouses in across the United States that you can see here. Thank you for choosing The Cary Company.
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