Part #: 29W024

Endex 1010 Chemical Foaming Agent (Pails/Drums)

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Part #: 29W024
Endex 1010 Chemical Foaming Agent (Pails/Drums)

Endex 1010 is a high efficiency, pelletized concentrate in a thermoplastic polymer carrier. It is designed for use in moisture sensitive engineering plastics, especially polycarbonate and PET.
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Endex 1010 Chemical Foaming Agent (Pails/Drums)

Endex 1010 is an endothermic high temperature chemical foaming agent that is used in PA, PC, PET, and other moisture-sensitive thermoplastics. It is intended for use in a wide variety of processes injection molding (cycle time reduction, sink marks, warp reduction, shrink control), Structural Foam Molding (SFM): gas counter-pressure SFM, nitrogen (SFM): void reduction, consistent part weights, higher impact strength, gas assist, gas injection molding: flow enhancement, sink elimination, and extrusion: sheet, film, and profiles.

Key Benefits:
  • Fine cell structure
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Faster extrusion
  • Thick, smooth skins in SFM
  • Fast degassing
  • Fast painting and decorating
  • No plate-out on molds
  • Beryllium-copper compatible
  • G.R.A.S. or FDA sanctioned ingredients

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture
Principal Endex International
Function Foaming & Purge Agents
Industries Plastics
Note: Priced per lb.
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