Part #: 29W001

Endex ABC 2750 Chemical Foaming Agent (Pails)

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Part #: 29W001
Endex ABC 2750 Chemical Foaming Agent (Pails)

Endex ABC 2750 is a general purpose endothermic chemical foaming agent master batch. It is used in a wide range of thermoplastics, in injection molding or extrusion.
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Endex ABC 2750 Chemical Foaming Agent (Pails)

Endex ABC 2750 can be used in a variety of processes such as, injection molding for cycle time reduction, sink marks, warp reduction, shrink control, Structural Foam molding (SFM), gas counter-pressure foam molding, nitrogen SFM for finer cell structures and extra weight reduction, gas assist molding for extra weight reduction and sink elimination, extrusion of sheet, film, and profiles, blow and rotational molding.

Key Benefits:
  • Fine cell structure
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Faster extrusion
  • Thick, smooth skins in SFM
  • Fast degassing
  • Fast painting and decorating
  • No plate-out on molds
  • Beryllium-copper compatible
  • G.R.A.S. or FDA sanctioned ingredients

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture
Principal Endex International
Function Foaming & Purge Agents
Industries Plastics
Note: Priced per lb.
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