Baghouse Filter Bags

Customize the ideal baghouse dust filtration bag here!

Baghouse filters Baghouse filters remove particulates and contaminant out of a gas stream in various industries including food, chemical manufacturing, power generation, steel and more. Using the best baghouse filter for your application is essential for developing a reliable dust collection system.

If you have a sample, sketch, print of verbal description of the replacement baghouse filter bag you need, we can recommend the best OEM baghouse filter bag for your application or simply provide a replacement dust collection bag that meets your specifications at competitive pricing. We offer a full line of baghouse filters for replacement filter bags including shaker, pulse jet and reverse air dust collectors.

Our baghouse filter bags are carefully fabricated and sized to ensure ease of installation and change-out. Generally, baghouse filters are designed to be mounted and gasketed firmly into place with a snap band, corded cuff or clamp to ensure dust type seal.

Various coatings and finishes can be applied to either side of the baghouse filter to enhance cleaning and efficiencies, as well as extend the life of the bag. We can custom fabricate various types of attachments to work with your specific shaker mechanism such as a loop, eyelet, grommet or other device.

With experience selling industrial filtration products since the 1970s, we can find you’re the best baghouse filter solution available to help you meet your specifications – at Wholesale and Bulk Pricing!

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Media Coatings & Finishes

Plain: Natural finish. General purpose material.

Glazed: Accomplished by running media over hot roller which melts fibers and results in a smooth "eggshell" finish. Improves dust cake release.

Flame Retardant: Not flame proof, but provides a self extinguishing feature that is used when sparks are involved, such as grinding processes

Fiberglass: High temperature, chemical resistant woven fabric.

Singed: Accomplished by exposing media to open flame to burn off any loose fibers. Improves dust cake formation.

Acrylic Coated: Air permeable acrylic surface coated polyester for moist environments.

Teflon Membrane: Membrane provides an extremely smooth, high efficiency finish.

Shaker & Reverse Air Bags

Shaker & Reverse Air Bags
  • A. Shaker bag with grommet top and snap band bottom
  • B. Shaker bag with cuff top and snap band tail
  • C. Shaker bag with loop top and snap band bottom

Pulse Jet Bags

Pulse Jet Bags
  • D. Plain top, disc bottom with groundwire
  • E. Snap band top, disc bottom
  • F. Plain top, disc bottom

Envelope & Custom Bags

Envelope & Custom Bags
  • H. Flat bottom with gasket top
  • I. Custom fabricated bags to meet any desired specifications