Reverse Air Baghouse Filters

Reverse Air Baghouse FiltersReverse air cleaning function when gas flow to the bags is stopped in the compartment being cleaned, then the air is reversed by directing dirty air from the inside of the bag to the outside. Reverse air filtration was developed as a solution to reduce the intensity of imparting energy to the bags.

Reverse baghouse filtration is ideal for applications where compressed air is undesirable or unavailable. The Cary Company’s reverse air baghouse filters come in a range of media options from 8 oz. to 22 oz. to ensure you have the best baghouse filter for your application. To improve performance with regard to cake release, flammability, and resistance to chemical attack, most of our standard medias can be supplied with various coatings and finishes.

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Media Coatings & Finishes

Plain: Natural finish. General purpose material.

Glazed: Accomplished by running media over hot roller which melts fibers and results in a smooth "eggshell" finish. Improves dust cake release.

Flame Retardant: Not flame proof, but provides a self extinguishing feature that is used when sparks are involved, such as grinding processes

Fiberglass: High temperature, chemical resistant woven fabric.

Singed: Accomplished by exposing media to open flame to burn off any loose fibers. Improves dust cake formation.

Acrylic Coated: Air permeable acrylic surface coated polyester for moist environments.

Teflon Membrane: Membrane provides an extremely smooth, high efficiency finish.


With over 35 years of experience is filtration industry, The Cary Company has the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best baghouse filter for your application. Here's what we need to know:

  • Characteristic of dust
  • Chemical content of dust
  • Humidity
  • Square feet of filter media
  • CFM required
  • Temperature range
  • Type of existing equipment
  • Operating experience

We offer Reverse Air Baghouse Filters in a variety of medias, coatings & finishes. Tell us about your application & we'll develop the best dust collector for your needs. Wholesale and Bulk Pricing! -- The Cary Company, Trusted Since 1895!