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Gurman Container
Division of The Cary Company
4334 N County Rd 1000 E Ste 120
Brownsburg, IN 46112
Ph# (630) 629-6600

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Coming Together to Serve You Better

Gurman Container & Supply Corp. has joined The Cary Company family! We are thrilled to expand our product offering and services while also building on the exceptional service you have come to expect. We hope to make this transition as smooth as possible and are committed to your continued success.

Gurman Container Division of The Cary Company
In addition to Gurman’s status as Indiana’s leading drum and tote provider, The Cary Company offers a rapidly growing selection of products including industrial containers, packaging, and filtration equipment as well as our logistics and design services. This partnership also adds another warehouse facility to our distribution network to better provide you with optimal customer experience and convenience. We operate warehouses in the following locations: Illinois, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Indiana, California and Utah.

We strive to be the total package for all your needs and hope to be your committed partner for years to come. Thank you for your loyalty and we value your continued trust in us!

Please explore our website and learn more about us.
We are eager to serve you!

Please do not hesitate to email or call us with questions. We hope to hear from you soon. The below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) may answer some of those questions immediately.

  1. Who do I call to place an order? You can place orders with our team at Gurman Container by calling (630) 629-6600 or email

  2. Who is my sales representative? Please email for information on your assigned sales rep.

  3. Who can help me with billing questions? Contact our accounting team at (630) 629-6600.

  4. Will all the same products continue to be available? In addition to the selection from Gurman Container, customers now have the opportunity to purchase a wide range of products across all divisions.

  5. When I order from the Cary Company, can I order using the same part numbers? Yes, part numbers will be cross-referenced between the two companies.

  6. Will my payment terms change? Your payment terms will remain the same based on credit history.

  7. Can I order products from The Cary Company from the Gurman team? Yes, please contact your sales rep or our customer service team for further details.

Same Phone Number (630) 629-6600