Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower with Honey Bear Bottles

Baby showers don’t always need to be a bore. After all, welcoming a new life into the world is a joyous occasion that needs to be celebrated. Fifty-three-year-old crafter Lisa Lomba knows this better than anyone else. When Lisa found out her daughter Kristin was expecting, she knew she had to do something extra special.

Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower with Honey Bear BottlesLisa is well known for her party planning skills. She loves to bring a personal touch to all her projects, whether it’s making handmade goods or working with repurposed, up-cycled items. So it may come as no surprise that she would take on the role of host at her daughter’s shower. Even from the beginning, conceptualizing the theme wasn’t a hard task for Lisa, “I’ve always dreamed of hosting a baby shower with a teddy bear theme, or at least with some small teddy bear centerpieces.”

Yet, when it came time to turning her idea into reality, Lisa found herself with an unexpected problem. “I was thinking of using my used honey containers at home and then buying more in my local store; but then I thought it would be too much work to eat all that honey and too messy to empty and clean out that many containers!” A simple Google internet search saved Lisa from her worries, where she found The Cary Company while looking up empty honey bear containers.

With her honey bear containers set, Lisa wasted no time putting together her teddy bear themed shower, which she held at The Historic Smithville Inn in Galloway, New Jersey. The venue provided a rustic setting to compliment the woodsy aspect of her event, where she was able to set up a different teddy bear theme for each of the tables.

I Love Vermont Teddy Bears Table
I Love Vermont Teddy Bears Table: "We poured pink strawberry melon flavored drinks (Brisk brand) in each honey container and gave everyone pink striped straws for drinking. I tied sheer, pink organza bows around the neck of each honey bottle. You could probably also use pink lemonade for a similar color effect.
Momma-to-Bee Table
Momma-to-"Bee" Table
Steiff Bear Table
Steiff Bear Table: "A collector's bear from Germany which was from Kristin's beloved late grandmother.
Bear Prize Table
Bear Prize Table: "Mini bear honey bottles and small glass jars (filled with honey) were given out as game prizes. The small jars were put in cardboard bee-hive boxes with the label, 'Thanks from the Momma-to-Bee.'"
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Display Table
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Display Table: "I had some of the 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' spray painted with gold paint, which were used for floral display vases.

So what did the guests think of the baby shower? Lisa beamed, “Everyone said how much they loved the decorations, the honey bear bottles and the whole cute teddy bear theme!” With another successful event under her belt, Lisa plans to start a creative party consulting service business that provides people with fun and creative ideas for unique parties without the expensive price tag of hiring wedding or party planners. We wish her much success!

Lisa's Honey Bear Bottle Party Tip: "For these cute honey bear bottles, you can also keep them clear and fill them with candy necklaces, bracelets, lollipops, and bubble gum. Then put baby bottle tops on the tops, which would be so cute to give out as party favors or prizes!"

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