Bar Top Closures: Finding The Right Fit for Your Bottle

Find The Right Fit For Your Bar Top Bottle!

Choosing the correct size bar top cap can be a critical factor in protecting your product, maintaining product freshness and your overall packaging presentation.

Bar Top Closures

What is a Bar Top Closure?

Bar Top BottleBar top closures or (cork stoppers) combine a cork shank with a wider cap that is made to seal glass bottles made for liquors, spirits and fortified wines, as well as some vinegars and oils. The cork shank is designed to fit snugly in a glass bottle to create a proper seal while the cap sits on top of the bottle neck for easy removal.

Designed for repeated use, these stoppers maintain product freshness and protect bottle contents from contamination. For these reasons, finding the right fit for your bar top cap can be a critical factor in packaging your special spirit or condiment. In fact, the right closure can be a critical part of the overall packaging aesthetic.

To find a proper fitting bar top cork stopper, you want to make sure that the shank (or cork) is wide enough to create a tight seal within the bottle.

Parts of a Bar Top Closure

A bar top closure, or cork stopper, includes a cap and a shank. The cap can be made of plastic, aluminum, wood or the same finish as the shank. The shank can be natural or synthetic cork.

The two dimensions following the name of this closure are the CAP diameter x SHANK diameter (in mm). You need to find the shank diameter measurement to find a compatible bar top closure.

Bar Top Closure Parts

Finding Your Fit

As a general rule, you want a shank (cork) that is 1 mm larger in diameter than the bottle neck width to ensure that your top fits tightly.

Bar Top BottleFor example, take this 750 ml Clear Glass Bottle. This jug features a 21.5mm bottle opening. The Cary Company includes this information on the bottle’s product page. We offer an extensive array of bar top bottles.

21.5 mm neck opening + 1 mm =
22.5 mm shank diameter bar top closure.

Any bar top closure with a 22.5mm shank diameter should fit this liquor bottle.

Parts of a Bar Top Closure

The cap diameter of the bar top closure should span the diameter of the bottle top.

Of course, the best way to determine proper fit is to order a sample and test the fit yourself. You can order samples of many of our caps. We have many styles to choose from that provide the right shelf appeal for your brand. Our design team can also assist with customized decorating and labeling!

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