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Paint cans store a variety of items, not just paint. Understanding how to open a paint can correctly will prevent injuries and avoid messes. It’s important to use the proper tools and so you can have a smooth, hassle free process.

What is a Paint Can Opener & Why Do You Need One?

A paint can opener is designed to minimize mess and remove lids off paint cans. Paint can lids are normally made of steel, and an opener will be needed to properly remove it. Without the proper tool, you may damage the can or get injured. Following the proper safety measures will keep everyone safe.

How Does a Paint Can Opener Work?

Paint cans should be opened with a transitional opener, flat-head screwdriver, plastic opener, or automatic opener. For the manual openers, place the tool in between the lid and paint can. Pressing down slightly on the handle, the lid will begin to lift up.

Repeat the process at other points around the lid until it lifts off the can. When needing to close a paint can, use a mallet or automatic paint can closer machine.

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3 Types of Paint Can Openers

There are a few different ways to open a paint can, choose a device that works best for you and your abilities. A traditional paint can opener will open pint, quart, and gallon paint cans with ease. 

1. Traditional Paint Can Opener

Metal paint can openers are must haves for painters of any level. This simple manual tool has a hooked end for lifting the metal lid off a paint can. The sturdy metal construction will allow you to use it for years.

2. Screwdriver-Style Paint Can Opener

Using a flat-head screwdriver can also be used to prying open a paint can. This end can be placed under the lid to pop it off. Place the screw-driver in multiple locations around the lid to remove.

3. Plastic Paint Can Opener

A plastic paint can opener is lightweight and is designed to open paint can lids of any size. The small hook will reduce scratching and damage to the can. 

4. Multifunctional Paint Can Opener

Multifunctional paint can openers can do more than just open your can. These have additional features that include a closer and scraper for removing dried up paint. 

5. Automatic Paint Can Opener

Automatic paint can closers open cans with minimal effort. These are ideal for those with limited hand strength or mobility. This may be a good option if needing to open many cans at a time.

6. Pneumatic Paint Can Opener

Pneumatic openers make opening paint cans super easy with the help of air pressure. These are commonly used within industrial settings or professionals. 

7. Adjustable Paint Can Opener

Adjustable pain can openers are designed to accommodate different sizes of paint cans for any project. The adjustable features help those with many paint projects to have one opening tool rather than multiple based on certain can sizes.

Features to Look for in a Good Paint Can Opener

Paint can openers come in a variety of styles and shapes. Choose a style that is comfortable for you that will be easy to use. 

Common Issues & How to Avoid Them

The most common issues that may arise would be using incorrect tools to open a paint can. Avoid these issues by using an automatic or manual opener. It is not recommended to use a food can opener on paint cans. They are different opening techniques and can damage your paint cans. Paint can lids are able to be closed again, so making sure you’re using the right tool is recommended. Properly storing paint cans will preserve the life of the products.

Ready to Get Started on Your Project?

Using a tool to open paint cans will be the most reliable and easiest way to open your paint cans. Choose the best tool for you based on your individual needs so you can get started on your projects!

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